How to Repair Laptop’s Hard Disk?


To fix your laptop’s hard disk on your own, first, you need to confirm if it is really the hard disk that is creating the issue. One way to check this is if you make out that your hard disk is detected and now your operating system is asking you to reformat when you are … Read more

How to Repair Laptop Speaker?

laptop speaker repair in gurgaon

Laptops are very useful devices because of their portability but there are still some aspects where laptops cannot compete with Desktop Computers. Speakers of computers are generally very loud, laptop speakers produce audible sound but not much louder as computer speakers. Laptop speakers can also stop functioning rather easily. Many of the users have reported … Read more

Laptop Hinges Repair & Services in Gurgaon & Dwarka

laptop repair in gurgaon

The broken hinges of the laptop mean that you are laptop is actually screwed now. The hinges of the laptop help us to adjust our laptop in a comfortable position. If the hinges are broken then the laptop will not be able to hold the screen in a proper manner. Either the screen will remain … Read more

Best Data Recovery Service from Hard Disk

best data recovery service in gurgaon

We save the very important documents, memorable images, necessary files, etc. in our PC because that device is able to keep our documents safe for a long time and also we do not need to suffer from storage issues with our PC. Now, can you imagine losing your data suddenly? I am sure that it … Read more

How to Solve Laptop WI-Fi Issue?

How to fix laptop WI-FI-issue in gurgaon

The device which is allowing me to write is a different technology and the source which is allowing me to post this article and which is allowing you to read the same, is also different. But, when these different technologies our merged together they can really make our life easy to a great extent. But … Read more

How to Repair A Laptop Charger?


The technology of our world is getting advanced day by day. We all know well how easy our lives have become because of technology. I am able to write this with the help of technology and you are able to read this because of the same. Though it has made our lives easy it still … Read more

Samsung Mobile Authorized Service Center In Delhi


If you are looking an Authorized Samsung Mobile service center in Delhi NCR near metro station than your search will be finished here. Samsung has opened a joint venture with HCL computers to repair all under warranty and out of warranty Samsung mobiles & tablets. They have good staff who attend the customers immediately and … Read more

How to repair a laptop keyboard?


Ready to write an article but some precise letters don’t emerge, trying to write a new story for your site but nothing comes on the screen. While working on an important piece of work suddenly a specific key stops working or some keys abruptly start to take too long to respond. At these times you … Read more

HP Deskjet 5820 Paper Jam / Pick up Error


HP Deskjet 5820 printer does not have the cartridge and it has a tank and two heads. The tank uses to fill the ink and the Head pick the ink from the tank and print it on paper. This printer series mostly use in the office and home. Most offices use this printer because there … Read more

How to Refill 12 A Printer Cartridge?

hp printer cartridge refilling in gurgaon & dwarka

12 A printer cartridge is the most used cartridge and it has some advantages. It is very reliable & gives quality printing. This cartridge is very easy to refill and a little known person can also refill toner in this cartridge. After refilling 12 A cartridges it gives the 1200 to 1400 printing pages. It … Read more

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