Best Cartridge Refilling In Gurgaon, Dwarka Near Me & Delhi NCR

Get the best quality of printing using the original ink & toner refilling in Gurgaon & Dwarka Delhi with Suraj Computers.  Reduce the maintenance cost of your printer and cartridge connect with us. We will provide the best printing solutions at a very minimal cost. Suraj Computers focus on the quality and reliability of all kinds of printer cartridge. If you want to buy genuine ink of HP DesignJet Printer and want free & fast delivery then you can come to our store.  Suraj Computer is one of the best service centers available today and provides printheads of printers. You can contact our printer expert today for original powder with high quality and reliability.

Why Suraj Computers?

One independent agency tested the performance of cartridges refilled by Suraj Computers vs other vendors who were also using the same ink & toner powder for refilling. They found that Suraj Computers was far better in printer quality & reliability. Why Suraj Computers was better in refills the printer ink?

  1. Most of the technicians of other vendors were not experts in cleaning of the printer cartridges before refilling
  2. Print quality was not like the standard match with the original cartridge
  3.  58% of cartridges were failed in the middle of use
  4. Number of pages were less than cartridge refilled by Suraj Computers
  5. Other vendors refilled ink harmed the performance of printers
  • Trust

Before taking the service customers want to make the trust with you. For that they want to make sure what are you telling us the same as what are you providing?  

  • Fast & Reliable  

We are the fast and reliable cartridge refilling provider and provide the doorstep service within an hour. You can book and get service from a qualified technician today. For fast and quick refilling you can directly call us.

  • Committed For Best Quality of Print

We are committed to provide satisfactory service to all our users with highly class ink and toner.   

Regular Check-Up

Our technicians regularly check the health of the printer & cartridge and if found something wrong at the same time they inform the customers. After customer confirmation, we fix the issue for the best printing performance.


  • Ink Refilling (Color & Black) – Rs. 250
  • Toner Refilling (Toner Black) – Rs. 250

24 X 7 – Online Support

Suraj computers is the best cartridge refilling in Gurgaon & nearby area. We provide quick help to customers (24×7) or as per the requirement.

Our Locations

There are many service centres found doing fraud in Gurgaon so don’t believe anyone. We are located in Gurgaon ILD Mall Sohna Road & Dwarka Sector 12 Metro Station Delhi / NCR. Customers can visit manually and check our presence. We also provide the home service in Dwarka Expressway.

To purchase ink & toner at a good price in Gurgaon & Dwarka call us. Our technician will reach your doorstep in just half an hour. For trusted printing solution work with our first time then you will call only us next time.

Cartridge Refilling Shop Near Me

Suraj Computers is the trusted brand in cartridge refilling and you can also shop new printer cartridge online from our portal. We are located in Gurgaon Near Me & Dwarka Delhi and provide the cartridge refilling service at our shop also. If you want to visit our shop or store then we will assist you and provide the best resolution of your ink or laser printer cartridge.

Authorized HP Cartridge Dealer

We are the authorized HP Ink Store partner and give the delivery of the original HP printer cartridge. If you will visit our shop we will give bonus points that you can use on your next visit. “I am looking for a cartridge refilling retail shop near me today, but I cannot find any retail shop that deals in original printer ink cartridges.  Can you tell me an address where I can go and purchase the original HP’s ink & toner for refilling?”

Brands We Service

We also recycle the cartridges and you can sale your old cartridge in good price. Suraj Computers deals in below cartridges for refilling:

best printer cartridge refilling service in gurgaon
Cartridge Printers Brands

HP Ink & Toner Refilling

We refill the ink & toner in HP Deskjet & laserjet Printers for all models. We have a team of HP trained technicians who will provide the home service for HP Inkjet & LaserJet Printers. Our Cartridge experts refill the HP Ink Tank Printer also.  If you refill your printer ink with us then you will be confident that you will get good quality and more printouts. We deal in all HP original cartridges like below. If you want to purchase new HP printer ink and laser original cartridges at a reasonable price then you can call us. We will send the technician to your doorstep within half an hour. Our technician will install the cartridge @ free of cost.

Purchase new cartridge from HP Store

  • HP Purchase or Refill cartridges:

HP 410 A: Purchase or refill the 410 A black original toner from Suraj Computers at a very reasonable cost. We also refill 410 A toner with the original HP toner. Get a high-quality printout and increase the performance of your printer. Below are the types of HP printers and cartridges we offer:

HP 680 printer cartridge, HP 803 cartridge, 12A toner cartridge, HP 678 cartridge, HP 680 black & color ink cartridge refilling service, HP 88A , HP 802 Ink cartridge, HP 62, HP 1020 toner, HP 12 A toner,  HP 1005 toner, HP 803 Ink cartridge, HP laserjet p1102w toner, HP p1102 toner, HP 3830 ink, and etc.

Wholesale Distributor OF HP Printer Cartridge

“Hello, Friends I am looking for an HP wholesale distributor in Delhi-NCR who supplies the HP printer cartridges.  If I want HP’s cartridges in the wholesale price today, I have not any distributor or trader who supplies HP’s cartridge in near me, then please tell me. If you have to buy HP’s original ink cartage, then you will not find any good service centre from Suraj Computers.”

Suraj computers also provide HP’s cartridge online.  You can come to our website and buy HP’s inkjet ink & LaserJet powder at a reasonable price. You can explore various range of cartridges for all models.

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Epson Printer Ink Refilling

We are the expert in Epson printer ink tank refilling and head repair also. In Epson, the printer head works like a processor in a laptop. It picks the ink from the tank and prints the paper. We always use the original “Epson Ink” for refilling. If you will refill with compatible Epson ink, it could harm your printer performance. The printer head also can be damaged. We are the expert to repair the Epson Ink tank printer and refill the ink. We clean the head at every refilling of your printer tank is our responsibility. If you want to purchase an original Epson ink bottle with a good discount then call us or order online from our website. We deal in below Epson printer Ink:

  1. Epson 664 ink Price
  2. l3110 ink & price
  3. l805 ink
  4. 003 ink
  5. l3150 ink
  6. ink cartridges
  7. l360 ink
  8. l380 ink price
  9. Epson 664 black ink

Canon Ink & Toner Refilling

Canon printer cartridge performance is very good and Indian people like to use the canon printers. They deal in ink and toner cartridges. Suraj Computers is the big name to refill and sell the original canon printer cartridge. We also provide the home service in Delhi NCR for canon ink refilling at a very low cost. You could not get the original canon ink cartridges easily in Delhi and Gurgaon. Most of the cartridge refilling service providers will suggest you purchase the compatible canon cartridge. Suraj Computers is the only one who will arrange the ink and toner cartridge very fast. Most of the used canon mf3010 toner refilling cost is much lesser than another service center.

  1. Canon g2000 ink
  2. 3010 toner
  3. Pixma cartridge
  4. Printer ink cartridge Refill
  5. G2000 cartridge
  6. Printer ink price
  7. LBP 2900 toner
  8. mf3010 cartridge
  9. canon g2010 ink

Samsung Printer Toner Cartridges Refilling

Get original Samsung toner from Suraj computers and discover the wide range of Samsung printer and cartridge accessories at a very reasonable price. We compete the Samsung toner price with Nehru place rate so that you can get the best printer services. Suraj Computers is the complete computer repair online store for all branded laptops, computers, printers & cartridge refilling service providers in Delhi NCR. We provide the home printer with the lowest ink cost and you can enjoy the service all time. If you want to save up to 80% on Samsung toner then call Suraj Computers.

  1. Samsung printer cartridge
  2. toner cartridge Refilling
  3. Samsung printer toner
  4. Samsung m2070 toner

Brother Ink Cartridges Refilling

Suraj Computers always provide the genuine Brother Ink & toner in Delhi NCR. Our product will be tested on high-quality control and give the best result after refilling. Many customers come to reset the brother printer cartridge. We can only reset the brother toner cartridge in Gurgaon. Suraj Computers is the only one who provides the best solution for brother printer repair and toner refilling. We make it an easy life for you to provide the home service for brother printer cartridge refilling. Get the original toner of a brother with a heavy discount from Suraj Computers.

Ricoh Printer Toner Refilling

Suraj Computers offering reliable Ricoh printer cartridge refilling. If you will refill the Ricoh printer toner with any other service center they can harm your printer also because many cartridge refilling providers don’t have the knowledge of how to refill all Ricoh printer models?

“Faulty Ink Cartridge” error – This error comes when you installed the wrong cartridge in your printer. Before install, the new cartridge verifies the numbers with the old cartridge. In this case, the printer will not print and the red light will be blinking continuously and show the error message.

Remanufactured Printer Toner Cartridge Cost

Suraj Computers is the wholesale dealer in remanufactured printer cartridges in Delhi NCR. You can purchase any brands printer ink toner like HP, Samsung, Epson, Brother, Canon & Ricoh at a reasonable price. Some cartridge manufacturer suggests that the recycled cartridge harm the performance of the printer and the maintenance cost could be increased dramatically. These companies advice to stay away from the refilling ink and install the new printer cartridge.   

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Cartridge Refilling Cost

Refilling of the cartridge toner or ink vary from time to time and fully based on the market price. It depends on the quality of the ink & toners used for refilling. Suraj Computers does not the second class powder and ink because we don’t compromise with our quality. Refilling rates of Laserjet colour printers are much higher than standard models of printers. We use the latest technology and refilling kit which make us top refilling player in Delhi NCR.

Our refilling cost is much cheaper than other cartridge refilling providers. Our talented cartridge refilling technicians may help you to provide the online assistance related to the printer and cartridge also most of the issues could be resolved at your location without any intervention.

HP Ink Tank Printer Refilling

Suraj Computers is the original HP Ink tank printer refilling service center for all HP models. There are many HP models where the tank is coming instead of the cartridges and the performance of these printers is very high. The ink refilling in the tank is much easier than refilling the cartridge and after some small guidelines, users can refill the tank at your home. HP wireless tank printer models for refilling

  1. Wireless 419 Printer Ink refilling
  2. Inkjet 319 Printer Tank refilling & driver installation
  3. HP Ink Tank wireless  410 refilling
  4. Ink cartridge 680 refilling
  5. HP Ink Tank 310 refilling

Color Laser Printer Toner Refilling

Many printer manufacturer companies launched the color laser printers recently.

Why Color Laser Printer?

The purpose of launching this printer is to reduce the cost and increase the speed for colour printing. The speed of these printers is 29 ppm in colour and black. They are giving inbuilt WIFI so that no need to connect the printer with cable. Earlier we had the colour printers with small cartridges (HP 680,802,803) etc. and the speed, efficiency & performance of these printers were not scalable. There were small cartridges installed and they gave the 50-60 pages prints only. If we had the big requirement then per page cost was very high.

Most common color laser printers:

  1. HP colour laser printers –
  2. Canon colour laser printers
  3. Brother colour laser printers
  4. Epson colour laser printers

Toner Refilling & Chip Change

Suraj Computers deal in the refilling of HP color laser printers and provide the legendary print quality with hp original toner cartridge. There are four cartridges installed in these printers along with one chip. This chip contains the data of the cartridge e.g level of toner, error in the cartridge, cartridge parts related issues.    A normal ink refilling technician could not refill these cartridges. It is required the expert of these printers.  We can refill the cartridge for all top HP models in color laser printers like HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M479dw, M479fdw, E77822dn Plus, M454dw, M577dn, CP5225n, M255nw, M454nw, CP1025, M1136, M201 etc. We are the only one who can refill the ink and change Chip of the cartridge.

Refilling Toner Set + 4 chips for Toner Refilling

We also provide the original HP toner for all four cartridges and the chipset so the user can refill the powder at yourself also. But as I told earlier also we need the expert advice before doing this first time.

Cost of color toner powder Refilling

We use the high yield printer ink and toner with standard packs. The cost of refilling vary as par the model of the printers but the general rate is

color Toner Refilling + Chip change – 1000 Rs (Par cartridge)

Clogged / Dried Ink Cartridge Repair

Sometimes a user does not use the inkjet printer from a long time or a couple of months to take the print. In that case, the printer ink cartridge could be blocked and stop working. When you try to use these cartridges it will show the error and print will not come. The ink had settled on the nozzle of the cartridge. To clean the nozzle we need the boiled water, cotton for soaking the ink and clean cloth. New cartridge cost will be very high so we suggest to repair the cartridge. There are many methods to open the blocked in the cartridge.

Precautions from blocked Ink Cartridge

  1. Daily use the printer or one and two days gap
  2. If you are planning to move out for vacations in that case put both cartridges in freeze
  3. Clean the nozzle of the cartridge

Fix the dry ink cartridge

  1. Clean the printhead of inkjet cartridge
  2. Dry the head in boiled water and clean settled ink
  3. Blow the air with full pressure from the mouth at the ink refilling hole
  4. Put printer in a warm room
  5. Replace the cartridge with a new one

Fix Blocked Ink Printer Cartridge
Fix Blocked Ink Printer Cartridge

Laser Toner Cartridge Drum Price

Laserjet printer 12A cartridge drum uses for picking the toner and send for printing. The drum comes in laser toner inbuilt but after uses,
the cartridge refilling 2-3 times print quality goes light. So after 3 refillings, we recommend changing the drum of the toner cartridge.
If you have HP laserjet printer then you need to know how to replace the OPC drum?

12A drum replace price – 250 Rs. (cost may vary as par the condition)

12A Laser toner cartridge drum replace
Laser toner cartridge drum replace

Process We Use To Refill Ink In An Inkjet Printer Cartridge

Refilling the ink in the inkjet printer is very easier than toner refilling and printer users can refill the ink by themselves. If you refill the ink then you will save a cartridge refilling cost because in that case, you have no need for any technical assistance or help. Most of the printer manufacturers don’t give the advice to refill cartridges and instead ask to replace them. Replacing the new cartridges is costlier than a refill.

Suraj Computers gives the suggestion that you should use the original kit to refill the cartridge that will not harm your printer and it will save your money also. Please follow the below steps:

Inkjet Printer Cartridge Refilling Guide

1. Arrange required items for ink refilling in printer

  • Original ink (Branded Company)
  • Syringe
  • Tape
  • Tissue Paper
  • Screw Tool
  • Gloves
refill inkjet printer cartridge in gurgaon & dwarka
Inkjet Printer Cartridge

You can purchase the above items in a single kit but this kit will be costly and you may not get the original ink bottles inside that. There are three ink bottles to refill the printer cartridge.

2. Set the area use to refill

There should be a plain area and cover with some cloth or the newspaper. The stain of the ink will not be cleared after wash and could be permanent. So use the dirty cloth or newspaper and after refilling the ink we can throw it in the dustbin.

We will put all the equipment in the newspaper and now we are ready to refill. One more important thing I would like to tell you is, don’t refill the ink without the hand glove because it could harm your hand so be careful and use gloves when you refill the ink cartridge.


3.  Take out or remove printer cartridges

 First, we have to take away the printer cartridges. There will be two cartridges one for black and second for color. Some printers can work on a single cartridge e.g. HP 680, 678, 802 47 cartridges but most printers work with both cartridges. In those printers, we have to install both cartridges after refilling.

Most printer cartridges can be removed easily from the printer in case you are not able to remove the printer cartridges you can call us. Tell the printer model number our technician will help you to take away the cartridge.

remove cartridges from printer
Remove cartridges from printer

4. Trace the hole to refill the ink

In the HP printer, you can easily trace the holes where we have to inject the ink. In HP printers the hole will be already there and you have to do nothing to create or find. Peel the paper from holes and refill the ink. The refilling success rate in HP printers is 90% and you can refill ink 5-6 times. It will give you good performance.

In many other companies like Canon and Epson printers, it is tricky to find the hole. For the canon printer, we have to create the holes after that only you can refill the cartridge. In a black cartridge, you have to make one hole and in a color cartridge, you have to make three holes to refill the ink. In Canon cartridges after the refilling success rate is only 50% because most of the cartridges aren’t detected.

For refilling the Canon printers, for first refilling you can call the technician they will make the whole and after that, you can refill. Detection rate is very high in HP printers.

Location of holes:

  • Black Cartridge – only one hole in center
  • Color Cartridge  – three holes
  • Yellow – left-hand side
  • Red – right-hand upper side
  • Blue – right-hand side lower side
holes in ink cartridges
Trace the holes in cartridge

5. Quantity of ink for refilling

If your printer cartridge is completely empty then you take the 10 ML of black ink for refilling, don’t take more than 10 ML otherwise, it will start leaking.  10 ML quantity is required for Black Cartridge because it will go in a single hole. For color cartridges, we have to take 3 ML from each bottle and inject it in all three holes. Now fill the syringe with a given quantity of ink and now you are ready to fill the ink.

quantity of ink in printer cartridge
Quantity of ink in injection

6.  Refill the syringe with ink

10 ML quantities of ink you can slowly inject in cartridges. Doesn’t push the ink with high pressure because it could harm your cartridge head and all your effort will go waste?

  • Black: only one syringe – 10 ML
  • Color: three syringes 3 ML each – Yellow, Blue & Green

7. Cover the holes & Clean extra ink from cartridge

Cover the holes with transparent tape so the cartridge could not leak from the hole. Most cartridges don’t leak because there is a spongy paper inside the cartridge but for safety purposes, we will cover the hole. You have to clean the extra ink put on the cartridge during the refilling. You can use the spirit to clean the excess ink.

Watch process of cartridge refilling in Gugaon

Top 5 Printer Cartridges Refilling Models

HP Inkjet Printer Cartridges:

  • 678 ,680 Tri-Color ,802,803, 65 Black

HP LaserJet Printer Cartridges:

  • 12A ,88A ,58A, 49A,18A

Canon Printer Inkjet

  • 745,746

Samsung Printer Cartridge

  • Ml-2160, 4521, SCX3401

Brother Printer Cartridges

  • TN-2365

Ink & Toner Cartridge Refilling in Gurgaon & Dwarka:

Why should not purchase the new cartridge instead of refilling the existing ? 

The question is arising in the mind of many customers because they fear damaging the working printer. Suraj computers give full confidence there will be no problem in the printer because we use the certified ink or toner to refill the cartridge and the cost will be very less than purchasing a new Cartridge.

printer cartridge refilling in gurgaon & dwarka

The refilling cost with certified toner is 350 Rs. Only but the new laser printer cartridge cost is 5000 Rs. It is so high so we recommend to our customers don’t purchase new and refill the existing one.

Ink & Laser Printer Toner Refilling Near Me

Suraj computers provide the services of refilling the inkjet cartridge, LaserJet cartridge, and others. The inkjet cartridge is the replaceable component in the printer and it could be replaced or refill after emptying in the printer.

The inkjet cartridge contains the ink and one header when the printer gives the signal to print the header of cartridge work and ink print on the paper. Cartridge could be refilled after empty; if the customer will change the cartridge after empty it will generate huge cost to the exchequer.

To save the cost we can refill the cartridge it would be very chief instead of replace the cartridge.

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Refilling Tools

Cartridge refilling toolkit has the asset like one injection, ink, of the original manufacture, tonner, to be used to refill the cartridge. It is a very easy process to refilling the cartridge first you need to fill the injection from the ink and after that search a whole inside the cartridge and push all the ink using the injection to the cartridge. The cartridge should not be filled by itself it should be the trained engineer; because you do this by yourself the head of the cartridge could be blocked.

Contact Us:

We offer cartridge refilling service in Janakpuri, Vikaspuri, Tilaknagar, Uttam Nagar & all nearby areas. Suraj computers provide the facility of refilling all types of printer cartridges like HP printer Cartridge, Canon printer Cartridge Epson printer Cartridge, etc. We have a team of specialized engineers of all types of Cartridge refilling. All the engineers took complete training from the respective company. We also provide the cartridge refilling in Janakpuri and Vikas puri also.


What is the cost of Samsung Laserjet Cartridge Refilling?

Samsung printer is very demand-able in India and it deals in black laserjet cartridge only. The refilling cost is 300 Rs.

What is the cost of HP 88A Cartridge Refilling?

HP 88A is used in many HP laserjet printers e.g 1136, 1007,1213,126,128,127 etc. models. The refilling cost is 250 Rs. We also use the original toner so that printing quality will be best.

What is the cost of HP 12 A Printer Cartridge Refilling?

Most used printer cartridge all HP and canon printers. The refilling cost is 250 Rs.

What is the refilling cost of 18A printer cartridge?

This laserjet printer refilling cost is 350 Rs. We can refill and service both in same price.

What is the refilling cost of 30A printer cartridge?

The cost of refilling of 30A cartridge is 350 Rs.

What is address of Suraj Computers in Gurgaon?

Suraj Computers is located at the heart of Gurgaon near Subhash Chowk. The complete Address is – Shop No -IX-62 Above Bikanervala Sweets, ILD Mall Sohna Road.

What is cost of Epson Inkjet Printer Cartridge Refilling?

In the Epson printer, there is no cartridge for refilling. Instead of the cartridge, they have given tank and we fill the ink in the tank. 4- bottles are used and the cost of one bottle is 400 Rs. So complete refilling the tank total cost is 1600. epson printer tank refilling in gurgaon

What is the cost of Canon inkjet Printer Cartridge Refilling?

The refilling cost of canon inkjet printer cartridge is 250 Rs.

What is the cost of Brother laserjet printer cartridge refilling?

Suraj Computers refill the toner in brother printer in just 350 Rs.

Does Suraj Computers provide the home service for cartridge refilling in Gurgaon?

Yes. Suraj Computers provide the home service for all printer cartridge refilling and service.

What is cost of Ricoh Printer Cartridge Refilling ?

Refilling cost of Ricoh printer cartridge is 350 Rs by Suraj Computers.

What is the cost of drum replacement in 12A printer cartridge?

Suraj Computers replaces the 12 A cartridge drum in 300 Rs. 12A-Cartridge-drum-replacement-in-gurgaon

What is the cost of header repair for HP 5820 tank printer series?

First, we try to repair the header instead of replacement. If we can fix the header and it works smoothly than we
charger 1200 Rs.

What will be the cost to refill an ink cartridge near me?

Suraj Computers does not charge extra for cartridge refilling at your place. If we charge 250 for toner refilling at our shop then we will take same amount for home service also. You can call us for better service and our technician will support you.

What is the impact of remanufactured cartridge on printer?

Recycled printer cartridge will not harm the printer performance and it will save the cost of printer ink spending on printers.

Where can I purchase the remanufactured printer ink & toner cartridge in Gurgaon?

Suraj Computers is the only one place in gurgaon where you can purchase the old and used printer cartridges at reasonable price.

What is the difference between recycled and remanufactured cartridges?

In the recycling we break the complete form into small pieces and in remanufacturing we preserve the full form and reuse the same in other work.

How many times can 12A toner cartridge be refilled?

You can refill 12 A toner cartridge multiple times but you have to change its drum, magnets etc after two or three refills so that print quality is good.

Why should change the drum of 88A toner cartridge?

After refilling the toner cartridge three to four times, its print quality becomes a little lighter and now the light print, starts coming, so we have to change the OPC drum. After changing the drum, the cartridge started working very well.

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