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The broken hinges of the laptop mean that you are laptop is actually screwed now. The hinges of the laptop help us to adjust our laptop in a comfortable position. If the hinges are broken then the laptop will not be able to hold the screen in a proper manner. Either the screen will remain or shut or it will be flat open but it will not stay fix in such a manner that you will be able to use your laptop. You can replace it according to your wish or try to fix it on your own. If you wish to get it repaired, and then go ahead it doesn’t cost much. Here are some steps with which you can try to fix this issue on your own.

STEP : 1

The first and foremost step is to dismantle your laptop, you need to disassemble your laptop and do not forget to remove the battery of your laptop before trying to dismantle the laptop completely. Take out all of the parts carefully and keep them in one place, so that you would not miss any part of it. Now, check all the parts until you find out the part which needs to be fixed, which the hinge is. There you will notice a golden thing that helps the screw to stand and this is also the part, where the laptop hinge is fixed in the bottom cover.

STEP : 2

While doing it on your own, without being a professional, of course, you need to be very careful about your steps. Here we are mentioning some points, about which you need to be very careful. The screw holder position must be the same. Now, place the screw on the screw holder so that you can avert it from the glue and the baking soda by which the hole is covered. Inserting the screw on the screw holder helps to make it easier to keep in place with tweezers. Be attentive and careful while adjusting the brass to its base before you fix the glue to it.

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STEP : 3

The next step is to dust the baking soda around the little screw holder and then periodically fix it with the help of glue until the powder mound and glue is fixed tightly. Wait for an hour at least so that it dries and hardens perfectly.

STEP : 4

In the next step, you need to take off the screws carefully from the screw holder after the glue dries and hardens perfectly. Let me warn you here that if you will not put the screw in its place then you will not be able to safely cover the screw holder from the glue.

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STEP : 5

Now what we need is to trim the surface so that it becomes uniformly allied and does not create any further issues while placing the hinges. You can use a butter knife for this work. First, measure up the height with the new screw holder and be certain about the alignment. If it is not aligned properly then it may affect the cover while reassembling it later.



When it seems neat and clean to you, you can start reassembling the laptop parts carefully with the help of the instruction guide. Here you need to do one more thing which is to lose the hinge a bit, not much. Just to make it lighter, use Pliers for this procedure.

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STEP : 7

Now if you have succeeded to attach the hinge carefully to its base; and if it has started to work fine as before then you are free to reconstruct your laptop now. Follow the above-mentioned steps carefully and look for instruction whenever in need.

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