How to Repair A Laptop Charger?

The technology of our world is getting advanced day by day. We all know well how easy our lives have become because of technology. I am able to write this with the help of technology and you are able to read this because of the same. Though it has made our lives easy it still keeps creating issues. No matter how to advance our technology is some of the gadgets like cables, chargers, will always fray. Because of being with you and helping you for so many years, it may begin to fray. Now, changing your cables, again and again, can be a great pain for you but you can easily try to check the basic issues if you can solve it on your own.

Check the Plugging

The very foolish mistake we do is to not plug our cable correctly and then getting worried about it and trust us that no technology can make an unplugged cable work. So before looking for anyone and doing something just check if the cable is connected properly to your PC.

Check the Battery

There are some laptops that come with removable batteries, if your laptop is one then just take out your battery and keep holding the power button for 10 to 15 minutes. Then plug the cable and turn your laptop on without putting the battery back. If your laptop starts working properly then probably the problem is in your battery and not with your cable.

If you have the laptop from which you can’t take the battery out then you must take it to a professional if you do not have proper knowledge about it.

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Check Your Port

USB cable is nowadays very popular for connecting, charging, and transferring.  Now the companies making USB started to make such USB which does not charge your PC or any other device. So if you face an issue where your device is not being charged make sure that you have connected the correct cable.

Some devices also indicate little icon on the side of your device which indicates you the proper port for charging meant for your device.

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Check Your Charger

If you are hungry can you keep eating light things and keep working for long? No right? That is the same case with your device, if you have connected a port that fits your device perfectly but is not powerful enough to charge it then just go for the type of charger you actually need.

Check the wattage of the charger that came with your laptop, if it is of 45W then it is enough to charge it. A charger that is not powerful enough may keep the battery from draining but then you will have to put your device on charge again and again.

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Check the Breakout

Hold your charger in your hands and move your hands on it thoroughly and check it if it is broken or it has a cut anyhow. Inspect the AC brick it has become colorless. Just check it by a smell once if it smells like burnt plastic, and then it is the time for you to make trouble. Now what you need is to replace it with a new powerful and proper connector.

Check Your Settings

Click on the Start menu and search for “Power and Sleep Settings” then click on Additional Power Settings. Now click on Change Panel Settings. Now checkouts the incorrect settings there like, battery, sleep options, and display. The easiest way to check that it is not your settings which is creating the actual problem is to restore the power profile to default settings.

These are some of the steps you can follow, to check your charger for you.

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