HP Cartridge Refilling Service In Gurgaon Near Me & Dwarka Delhi NCR

HP Cartridge Refilling Service

Suraj computers are only the single place in Delhi NCR that provides the original HP cartridge refilling. We have trained engineers which provide the best services in HP cartridge refilling service in Dwarka & Gurgaon.

Our office has located in the central part of the Dwarka sector 12 & Gurgaon ILD Mall Sohna Road which is interconnected to the all-sector markets like sector 11, sector 5 & Sector 6 markets connected. The address of our office is very near to the Ayushman Hospital located in Dwarka sector 12. We provide the services of all types of cartridge of the HP Printers in other areas also.

HP Cartridge Support & Care

Increase the performance of your printer using the original ink & toner. HP does not recommend refilling ink or toner in cartridges because it could be impacted on your printer performance. HP always says that replace the cartridge with a new one and you will not spend a single amount on printer service.

This is not true because printer performance will not decrease or increase from which ink or toner you are using. The cost of a new printer cartridge will hurt you more because it is required more amount than the printer cost. So don’t believe in the company they always say half-truth.

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HP 678 & 680 Original Ink Cartridge Refilling

Do you want to refill the ink cartridge of HP 678 and do you also want to put the original ink in it? So that the performance of your printer maintains very high quality with extraordinary print outputs for your home & office printers, then you should use the original HP INK from Suraj Computers. You want a consistently good result from your printer.  If you want accuracy and color quality is also better, then you only refill your printer cartridge from HP Trained technicians. Is HP 678 cartridge refillable?

HP 680 Cartridge Refilling

Buy HP 678 & 680 Black & Tri-Color Original Ink Cartridge

HP 680 printer cartridge to be purchased inside the Gurgaon. If someone has the original HP 678 cartridge and sells at a good price then give me the reference of this HP INK & Toner supplier in Delhi NCR.

              HP 678 Black – 750 Rs.

              HP Tri-Color – 760 Rs.

              HP 678 Combo Price – 1470 Rs.

HP 678 Cartridge How Many Prints / Pages

The HP 678 printer’s cottage once refills to give 120 to 130-page printouts. What is the page yield of the HP 680 Tri-color cartridge?

                   Yield – 130 Pages yield

Ink Quantity for Refilling

      2 ML injection of ink is required for refilling the HP 678 cartridge

HP INK Cartridge Refilling Cost

Black INK Refilling Cost – 150 Rs. & Tri-Color INK Refilling – 200 Rs. – Total Cost for refilling is 350 Rs.

Printers Use HP 805 Ink cartridge

  1. Name and models of printers  
    1. HP All-in-one 4123 printers & all 4100 series printers
    2.   HP DeskJet 2700 All in-One Printer – 2720, 2721, 2722, 2723, 2729
    3.   HP Deskjet 2300 All-in-One – 2330, 2331, 2332, 2333
    4.   HP Deskjet 1200 Printer – HP 1210,1211,1212,1213
    5.   HP ENVY Pro 6400 series
    6.   HP ENVY 6000 series
    7.   HP DeskJet Plus 4100 All in-One 

HP DeskJet 2100 & 2300 Printers – Black or Color Ink Not Working & Print Quality Issues

In this article, we will discuss the print quality issues for HP DeskJet  2100 & 2300 series printers. I had just refilled the cartridge in my printer, after refilling the print quality is not as expected, the quality of the photos in it is coming very faded and blurred. Why is the issue coming even after the ink is refilled?

HP DeskJet 2100 Series All in One PrinterHP DeskJet 2300 Series All in One Printer
2130, 2131, 2132, 2134, 2136, 21382320, 2330, 2331, 2332, 2333, 2335, 2336, 2337, 2374, 2375, and 2376
Black & Color Ink not workingColour Photo Print Issue
HP 2131 Printer Repair & Cartridge Refilling

HP Neverstop Laser MFP 1200w Toner Refill & Replacement

HP has launched a new printer which is the world’s first toner tank printer which is very easy to load into the printer.  The efficiency of this toner is also very good. This printer is wireless and all in one. This toner refills once it gives a printout of up to 5000 pages at first load. This printer’s speed is very and it prints 20 pages in 1 minute.

HP Neverstop toner tank

In this printer, we use the HP 103A Black laser toner. In this kit, you have to load this toner and get 2500 pages. Suraj Computers is expertise in this printer refilling and replacing the HP 104A Black Original Laser Imaging Drum also.


Printer Power Cord

Suraj Computers provide all laserjet and inkjet printers with the original power cord. We also repair the power cord and save money.

HP 88A Cartridge Toner Refilling

Suraj Computers use the original toner to refill all HP toner & ink. HP printer performance is always better than another printer cartridge. 88A Cartridge gives near about 1200 pages after refilling with high-quality toner. You can also purchase the new cartridge with good quality and we will reach and install the cartridge within one hour.

Printer names who used 88A Toner Cartridge for – 3055, 1136 ,1108,1008,1007 ,1213 models.

The quality of the 88A toner cartridge is very fine and it does not lose quality during the printing.

HP 88A Toner Cartridge Refilling Service

HP 680 Printer Ink Cartridge Refilling

HP 680 small color and black original cartridge refilling. Free home service and cash on the delivery facility are also available at Suraj Computers stores. We also check whether this cartridge can work with your printer or not. If these cartridges are not compatible then we will replace them immediately. If the quality and reliability matter to you then choose the original ink for refilling with Suraj Computers. 
The print quality will be precious and will give the precision output page after page. All HP printer cartridge is designed like they are very user-friendly. If you will work with us the first time you will connect with us all the time & every time. If you will use the original printer ink once in your life then you can not use non-HP printers your whole life. 

HP 803 Printer Ink Refilling

HP 803 is a cost-effective printer cartridge and use in many HP printers like HP Inkjet & Deskjet 1112,2132,2131,1111 etc. If you purchase a new cartridge and it is not working then HP will not replace the cartridge because he does not listen to anything. Suraj Computers will provide all kinds of assessments like refilling and servicing the ink cartridge. Our turbo refilling kit makes the cartridge easily get refilled without any color involvement in your hands.

HP 678 Printer Cartridge Ink Refilling

Get refill your printer ink cartridge and avail up to a 25% discount on HP 678 cartridge. Refill Compatible Ink cartridge HP 678 for HP Deskjet 1018 1515 2515 2545 1015 1518 2645 2648 3515 3545 4518 printers. Suraj Computers use the original ink so you can maintain the quality of printing well and always feel awesome. You can refill these printers cartridges yourself also if you have a little knowledge about refilling.

HP 12 A Toner Refilling

HP 12 A toner uses in many printers like HP & Canon. The most common HP printers which use the 12 A Toners are:

Refill 12A (Q2612A) Toner Cartridge for HP Laserjet 1010, 1012, 1018, 1020, 1020 Plus, 1022, 3050, 3052, M1005, M1319F MFP printers.

Suraj Computers is the best toner refilling service center in Delhi NCR. If you believe in the original HP toner and searching for HP toner refilling near you then call us. We will provide onsite support and our expert will refill your printer cartridge at your office or home. We can also suggest to you what is the best printer for small businesses and you can easily refill the ink yourself. We have a great idea which is the best printer for copying, printing & scanning.

HP LaserJet 1020 Cartridge Refilling

HP 1020 printer series is used very much in Delhi NCR. The performance, maintenance, and reliability of this printer are very good. Suraj Computers advises everyone if they need the black & white printer then use HP 1020 model. The refilling cost of this printer is very less and if I want to refill the ink of your printer cartridge then you can also refill your own printer cartridge. In this printer, a 12A cartridge is installed and gives 1400 to 1500 pages after every refill. This printer has one disadvantage it is a single-function printer. You only can take the print not copy & scan the documents. The cost of the refilling is 300 – 350 Rs with the original toner. If you want to purchase the compatible 12 A cartridge then you can call us. We will deliver in one hour after booking the appointment.

HP LaserJet M1005 Toner Refilling

HP Laserjet M1005 also uses a family of 12 A-toner cartridges. HP M1005 & 1020 printers have only one difference 1005 is multi-functional and 1020 is single-functional. If want a multi-functional printer like (Copy, Print, Scan) then you should go for M1005 and the cost of this is also not much.

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HP Cartridge Refilling Service in Dwarka

Some of the HP Printers we service

1. HP Officejet Pro 251dw Printer (CV136A)

Choose laser-like performance and HP reliability at a great value,1 using a printer that delivers durable documents2 for an affordable running cost comparable to toner refills.3 Connect and print on the go.4 Scan and copy with ease. Printing for an affordable running cost —comparable to toner refills—and reliable scanning and copying, plus easy mobile printing.

2. HP Officejet Pro 276dw Multifunction Printer (CR770A)

  • Count on an affordable running cost—comparable to toner refills3—and get up to 1,600 pages per cartridge.5
  • Stay productive with fast print speeds—up to 19 pages per minute6—and a 12,000-page duty cycle.
  • Ensure peak performance with Original HP ink cartridges—formulated to work flawlessly with this e-all-in-one.
  • Rely on Original HP ink cartridges with pigment ink for fast-drying, water-resistant prints7 that last.3

HP 30A Cartridge Refilling & Drum Unit Replacement

Suraj Computers Refills 30A cartridges uses in 200 Series Models of HP printers like HP Laserjet pro M203dw, M227fdn. The 30A cartridge of HP’s printers gives a printout from 900 to 1000 once refills. Opening the 30A cartridge is highly complicated because it would have a lot of important parts that can be opened by the HP printer expert technicians only. Suraj Computers also supplies the drum unit of 30A cartridge.  If you get an original replacement of its drum unit, then it costs you a little costal.  But if you come to replace compatible then it costs you from 1800 to ₹ 1900 Rs.

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HP 36A Cartridge Refilling

Suraj Computer refills the 36A cartridge and the powder used in it is the original powder of HP. If you have 36A cartridges in your HP Laserjet printer, you should just refill it with Suraj Computers because of its excellent print quality. If you have been upset by refilling your painter’s cartridge, then you must give a chance to Suraj computers once because we are the authorized HP printer partner and have a team of HP-trained technicians. HP Models who use the 36A Cartridge e.g P1100,1102 & P1505 etc.

HP 18A Cartridge Refilling Service

Before Refilling the 18A toner cartridge first, ask the technician to clean well the dust of the toner and only then refill the cartridge. HP never suggests refilling any cartridge, because HP believes that refilling reduces the painter’s performance. But we have to see in practical life that nothing like this happens.  If you get original ink, toner, and good technicians for refilling, then it does not make any difference and it runs well. HP Printer Models use this toner

HP 80A Toner Refilling

HP 80A toner cartridge is very much used and its demand is very high.  To refill HP’s toner you must always keep in mind that the powder we use in it should be of good quality. If there are black color spots in your printout then this is the problem of its PCR and if you are using 88a cartage and there is a vertical line in coming prints, then it would be a problem on his wiper blade. Suraj Computers fixes all kinds of issues in the printer cartridge.

HP 53A Toner Refilling & Buy Original Powder

On getting the 53A toner cartridge refilled from the Suraj computer, the printing cost will be very low and the quality and reliability of the printer also increase.  If you have a cartridge, then you should just refill with us and print with very good quality.

The printer uses the 53A Cartridge – HP LaserJet M2727, P2014, P2015.

HP 17A and HP 19A Toner Cartridges Refilling

Suraj Computers deals in 17A  & 19A original black cartridges.  It sells and refills it, after refill, it can give 1000 -1200 pages, and the refilling cost of this cartridge is 350 Rs. So per-page cost is 35 paisa. If you have to buy 17A toner cartridges then you only buy from Suraj Computer because Suraj Computer provides the Same Day Delivery free of cost.  For any HP cartridge refilling in Delhi NCR call us.

17A Cartridge Use in HP Printers – M102 & M130

19A Cartridge use in – HP Laserjet Pro – M102,103 & M130

HP MFP 128FW Multifunctional Printer Toner Refilling

HP 128FW is a multifunctional printer which has (print, scan, & copy) inbuilt functionality. This printer takes a 328A toner cartridge. This printer has a feature of a document feeder that automatically scans, copies and prints very quickly.  There is no need to feed any manual paper inside this. It has removed the manual intervention for this work. 328A printer cartridge, it takes us 1 hour to refill and Suraj Computer also provides its home service.  If you want to get your 328A cartridge refilled, then what can do you can call us, and our engineer will come there and refill the cartridge.


What is the cost of black ink refilling in HP Printers?

In some printers, if you installed one cartridge then it can work but most printers will work after installing both color and black cartridges. the refilling cost of black ink is 100 -150 Rs. as a par model. hp-printer-cartridge-refilling-in-gurgaon

What is the cost of black and color ink refilling?

Suraj Computers provide the home service also and refill both printer cartridge for just 250-300 Rs.

What is the ink refilling cost at home?

We do not take extra charge for home service and refill in 250- 300 Rs only. the same rate which we charge in the shop.

Can you refill the cartridge on Sohna road Gurgaon?

Yes. Suraj Computers provides the cartridge refilling service at Sohna road Gurgaon.

Do you take cartridge refilling AMC in Gurgaon?

Yes. Suraj Computers takes the AMC of printer cartridge refilling in Gurgaon.

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