HP Deskjet 5820 Paper Jam / Pick up Error

HP Deskjet 5820 printer does not have the cartridge and it has a tank and two heads. The tank uses to fill the ink and the Head pick the ink from the tank and print it on paper. This printer series mostly use in the office and home. Most offices use this printer because there is no need to refill the cartridge.

In this HP printer series, we have the same models e.g – 5810,5811, 5820,5821 & 5822, and this article will help to resolve the “Paper Pick up error ” from all these models.

Mostly this error comes due to the Head problem. Some time printers head does not detect and they don’t pick the paper from the paper tray.

Fixed Paper Jam & Pickup Error in HP DeskJet GT 5820 Ink Tank Printer | Printer Head Problems

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Most Common Head Problems

Detection is not coming

Ink Supply Problem

Bubbles in tank & ink supply stopped

Nasal Block

Head does not sense

Paper Pickup

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Paper Pickup Error in HP Deskjet 5820

Paper pick up error comes due to two main problems one is paper roller & the second is Head issue in the printer. If the paper is jammed in the printer than the red light will start blinking.

We received one HP Deskjet printer in which the user was getting a paper jam error. We checked the paper tray it was clean and the Head was also performing well. After deeply diagnosed we found one ATM card was fallen in paper tray due to that it was throwing the error. We removed the ATM card after that it was working fine.

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