How to Solve Laptop WI-Fi Issue?

The device which is allowing me to write is a different technology and the source which is allowing me to post this article and which is allowing you to read the same, is also different. But, when these different technologies our merged together they can really make our life easy to a great extent. But we do need to be careful about using such devices and technologies because of the harms they cause to us and the other thing is if we do not keep them in check then they also cause a lot of trouble for all of us. Our laptop allows us to do a number of works which is increased when it is connected to a WI-FI but what if the Wi-Fi stops working? You will probably we screwed. So here we bring you some methods which can help you from being screwed.

Is the WI-FI turned on?

The very first and very easy step is to check if your laptop is connected to the Wi-Fi before making it work. Most of the laptops nowadays either have a Wi-Fi button or a function key for connecting it to Wi-Fi. Press the Wi-Fi button on the keyboard and turn on the Wi-Fi. If your laptop is one with the function key (F3, F12, etc.) you just need to press the Fn key and then the functional key to turn on the Wi-Fi.

          Not every PC has a Wi-Fi or functional key, so you just need to click on the power button.


Is there WI-FI icon?

The next thing you need to check after turning on your Wi-Fi is if there is a Wi-Fi icon at the bottom of the right corner of your screen. If you can’t see any icon yet, then you need to be in the network area to make the icon visible. But here you also need to check if there is any icon showing or not, if not then

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  • Go to the bottom right-hand corner and click on the Show hidden icons
  • Click customize
  • Scroll down
  • Wait for internet connection
  • Change the settings and make the icon visible
  • Click OK

Are you Able to Set a Wi-Fi Connection?

Search for the Ethernet Connection Icon and right-click on it. Next is to select the Open Networking and Sharing Center. Now you need to set up a new connection first of all. Select now, connect to the internet and then click on next. Some laptops also have a system of wireless connection, if you have the same then set it for wireless connection.

Check the Manufacturer

If there is anything like USB etc. connected to the laptop, you need to remove it and shut down your computer. Now keep it somewhere safe upside-down and try to take out a battery with the help of a suitable screwdriver.

      Remove the screw holdings then remove the back panel and search for the Network Connection Card.

    Search the manufacturer and keep it in mind then put the screw back with the battery. Flip your laptop upright and turn on your laptop.


Download the Wi-Fi Driver

Search for the web browser, open it and type for your laptop on the manufacturer website. Click on the Enter key and wait till the page loads. Now search the Support Section.

     In this section go to Driver and Manual’s, now you need to search by serial number to choose the product you need. To make it easy for you just type the Model number on your laptop. This will usually show somewhere on a sticker on the laptop. Find the Model number you are looking for and then type it, in the Model number.

     Now a list will be shown and select the laptop Model number you need. Wait till the page loads. Select the operating system you require and then wait again. Scroll down and then search the Wi-Fi driver for the Manufacturer of your network connection card. Click on download and wait till it downloads.

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Get a New Network Connection Card.

       The best network connection card for you is of the same manufacturer which you will be replacing. You need to find the same manufacturer but in case, if it is not available then you need to look for the card of the same size as the one you are replacing.


Replace the Connection Card

Turn off your laptop and place it upside down on a plain surface and get a screwdriver to take out the battery. Remove the screw holdings and also the panel and take out the Network Connection Card. Detach the wires carefully connected to the Network Connection Card. Remove the screw holdings carefully and then try to take out the network connection card carefully and keep it aside and safe. Now put the replacement card there safely. Push the down card, fix the screw back, and attach the wires safely you had detached before.

      Fix the panel back carefully on your laptop with the screws and not forget to back the battery. Now flip your laptop upright.

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