How to repair a laptop keyboard?

Ready to write an article but some precise letters don’t emerge, trying to write a new story for your site but nothing comes on the screen. While working on an important piece of work suddenly a specific key stops working or some keys abruptly start to take too long to respond.

At these times you may feel like suffering from the pits. Here we can’t help you if you have been playing with your keyboards considering it a piano but of course, we can help you to come over some small obstacles to resolve issues.


Without going any further unnecessary, this should be your first step if you are facing any issues with your laptop. Restarting your PC may prove to be the fastest and easiest way to solve issues sometimes. The process is very simple as you just need to click on the START menu on windows, click on POWER, and then click on the RESTART option.


If the above case is not helping you then you can also try to reboot your PC as it corrects many troubles. This method is also very simple, you just need to click and hold the POWER button for about 15 seconds to turn your PC off and then turn it back on again. It might not solve your problem completely but it will mark you if you really have some serious issues with your keyboard.

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Software Issue:-

Now it’s to go deep and find out some more about the problem, like is it a hardware or software issue? If you are facing a software issue with your keyboard then you will be able to have it working in a short span of time.
You can try a few things like the very first one is to update your keyboard. For the process, you need to click and open Device Manager on windows then search for the keyboards option, enlarge the list, and right-click on the
standard PS/2 keyboard, then on update driver. Now you can check if your PC has started working or not, if still not then you need to reinstall the driver.

Hardware Issue:-

If this is a hardware issue then first you should try to clean your keyboard. Don’t forget to turn off your computer before proceeding. After you have unplugged your computer gently turn it upside down and shake it a little or you might try to tap it on the bottom.

This way, you might be able to get rid of the dust stuck under your keys. If this doesn’t work then you may try to remove the battery and then plug the device again to power it on. Faulty batteries sometimes too become the cause of such situations. You may also need to check if your computer connection is okay with the motherboard otherwise, you will have to open up your PC and then connect or replace it,
according to the situation.

REINSTALL Keyboard Driver:-

There are times when the actual issue is with the keyboard driver, this situation comes if you keep installing third party software or if you are habitual of turning your PC off directly, not including the shutdown command.

For this, search for Device Manager. Click on Enter and enlarge the keyboards section. If you come to notice any yellow exclamation point next to any item then this is a sign of an issue. Right-click on your computer and select the Uninstall driver. After this, you just need to reboot your computer again.

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Change the keyboard layout:-

We have often seen a problem when the key is working but a different letter is processing on the screen so it may be because of a change in the layout. If this is the issue then it is not very hard to solve. Click on the START MENU and search for LANGUAGE. Go down the language setting panel and look for languages.

Then choose the language you want to be processed, you can remove the layouts you don’t use so the same situation doesn’t occur in the future. We have tried to solve some common issues with your keyboard but if it still does not solve your problem then you must start looking for a professional for your PC.

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