How to Repair Laptop Speaker?

Laptops are very useful devices because of their portability but there are still some aspects where laptops cannot compete with Desktop Computers. Speakers of computers are generally very loud, laptop speakers produce audible sound but not much louder as computer speakers. Laptop speakers can also stop functioning rather easily. Many of the users have reported that their laptop speakers are not working properly for them. This can be a very annoying issue for someone who is used to use the laptop on daily basis for his or her work. So, today we will try to provide you some methods for fixing this annoying issue on your own so that you can use your device to its fullest.

Laptop Speaker Repair in Gurgaon & Delhi

Speakers Not Working?

There are times when the speakers stop working but the headphones keep working, this situation is created because of improper configuration. Make sure that you have arranged the laptop speakers as the default audio gadget and also check the sound settings as well.

No Sound?

This problem is caused because of not having proper drivers, so you need to be sure that you reinstall and then check if it solves your issues. You can follow the steps written below to fix your laptop speaker.


Take a proper screwdriver for your laptop and unscrew all the screws at the bottom of your care. Normally you will find only one screw at each corner, one or maybe two screws in the center but this number may vary sometime because of the model of your laptop.


Put all the screws aside carefully and take out the cover to remove the internal battery pack. You will find a release button at the bottom of your laptop next to the battery pack slot which you will need to hold for a while when you will be taking out the battery pack from the laptop.  When you have removed the battery pack, just slide the hard drive freely. You will generally notice the hard drive either on the left side or the right side of your laptop. You will be able to do it easily after following step 1 carefully.

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Disconnecting Wires:

Turn your laptop upside-down and you will find two screws at the back holding the hinges of the screen in place. You need to unscrew those screws carefully. When the screws are removed try to gently pull out the screws until the pegs which are holding those, are removed from their holes in your device. You will notice two wires which will be leading away from the screen, so you have to be very aware that you do not pull out those so hard that it gets disconnected with the wire. Set the screen aside carefully without disrupting any connection of it.

Separate The Body

To expose the internal parts of the laptop, separate the body of this device into two halves carefully. While looking at the laptop, lift the keyboard and place it upside down on its face. You will notice there a connecter alike film; place the keyboard aside without disconnecting it from the connector. If you somehow accidentally disconnect it with the connector, just carefully lift up the tab in which the connector was resting in. put the connector’s end inside the plastic tab and then push the tab carefully back to the place so that it will hold the connector in place same as before.


Situate and remove the metal piece which is covering the rest of the laptop’s interior workings. When you succeed in removing the metal piece, thoroughly check out the two halves of the laptop carefully, and try to locate the holes for the speakers made in the device. Check out this location inside your device to search for the speakers. All laptop’s speakers have different locations for the speaker so here is mentioned the best way to locate where exactly the laptop’s speakers are.


Make sure if all the wires of the speaker are connected well. If all the connectors are connected in the correct manner then you just need to replace the speakers. Get a new set of speakers, after checking that if they are compatible with your device. Now comfortably connect the new speakers in the same place where the old ones were connected. Now reassemble your laptop carefully by putting all the parts in their place carefully. So follow these steps carefully and get your speakers repaired and enjoy your laptop.

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