Samsung Printer Toner Refilling Near Me in Gurgaon & Dwarka Delhi

Are you living in Gurgaon or Dwarka Delhi and have a Samsung laser printer? No need to worry about the Samsung toner refilling and printer service. Suraj Computers will provide all the original Samsung printer accessories and cartridges at Nehruplace rate. We also refill the toner for all Samsung printer models with high-quality toner powder at home also. Very few technicians refill the toner and repair Samsung printers in Gurgaon & Dwarka. In these service centers, Suraj Computer’s name is at the top.

Samsung Cartridge Refilling In Gurgaon

Samsung Toner Refilling in Gurugram & Dwarka Delhi

Gurugram is the hub of printers and there are many IT companies that are using the Samsung printers in their offices. But there is no good Samsung printer service center that can take care of all issues like new cartridges, original toner powder, printer accessories, etc. We provide all these services at a reasonable price.

Original Toner Powder for Samsung Printers

Get the original toner powder for Samsung printers. Don’t refill the cartridge with compatible toner powder. We are the big seller of Samsung toner powder in Delhi NCR. Call us for any requirements related to your printer and cartridge. Suraj Computers also provides a free home service for all kinds of printer needs.

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Chip Change In Samsung Laser Printers?

When “cartridge does not detect” or “cartridge low message shows after refilled toner” that means we have to replace the chip of Samsung Cartridge. It is very easy to change the chip for that you have to open the cap of sides and replace the chip. In some printers cartridge chips installed on the top. The chip cost is 300 Rs for a normal cartridge.

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Do Samsung Printer cartridges work properly after refilling?

Suraj Computers has refilled thousands of cartridges and changed the chip also. The success rate of Samsung Printer Cartridge is 95% if you refill with qualified technicians.

Samsung Printer Cartridges that we refill & Refilling Cost

S.NoSamsung Printer Cartridge ModelsRefilling cost
1ML 1666350 Rs.
2ML 2131 & ML 2161350 Rs.
3SCX 3401 350 Rs.
4ML-1660350 Rs.
5Samsung Xpress 2876 350 Rs.
6SCX-3200 & 3205 350 Rs.
7M2070350 Rs.
Samsung Toner Refill Price

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