Samsung Mobile Authorized Service Center In Delhi


If you are looking an Authorized Samsung Mobile service center in Delhi NCR near metro station than your search will be finished here. Samsung has opened a joint venture with HCL computers to repair all under warranty and out of warranty Samsung mobiles & tablets. They have good staff who attend the customers immediately and … Read more

How to repair a laptop keyboard?


Ready to write an article but some precise letters don’t emerge, trying to write a new story for your site but nothing comes on the screen. While working on an important piece of work suddenly a specific key stops working or some keys abruptly start to take too long to respond. At these times you … Read more

Get 10% OFF On Laptop Repair Home Service in Janakpuri Near Me


Suraj computers are the best laptop repair service centre in Janakpuri. We provide doorstep services such as laptop desktop repair services, motherboard, screen repair, cartridge, and printer repair. Purchase the Laptop & Printer Accessories In Wholesale Price You can also purchase the laptop, computer, printer & cartridge accessories in wholesale price in District center Janakpuri. … Read more

HP Deskjet 5820 Paper Jam / Pick up Error


HP Deskjet 5820 printer does not have the cartridge and it has a tank and two heads. The tank uses to fill the ink and the Head pick the ink from the tank and print it on paper. This printer series mostly use in the office and home. Most offices use this printer because there … Read more

How to Refill 12 A Printer Cartridge?

hp printer cartridge refilling in gurgaon & dwarka

12 A printer cartridge is the most used cartridge and it has some advantages. It is very reliable & gives quality printing. This cartridge is very easy to refill and a little known person can also refill toner in this cartridge. After refilling 12 A cartridges it gives the 1200 to 1400 printing pages. It … Read more

Could Not Download Virus Scan Failed- Error in Laptop


In windows 10 update message was poping and I clicked on the update button. After that when I am trying to download any files from the internet it starts downloading but after 70-80 % downloaded it show an error message “Could Not Download Virus Scan Failed” that due to the virus field could not be … Read more

How to fix a noisy laptop fan yourself


Yesterday I heard a horrible sound from my laptop. It was coming inside the laptop and suddenly my laptop overheated. I couldn’t understand why it is happening? I couldn’t services my laptop from the last two years. This sound was coming from laptop fan and one part of fan was broken. Can I change my … Read more

How to Repair Laptop Screen?

laptop repair & Cartridge Refilling

These days when we need a computer for almost all our online work purposes, it is really very important to look after this important machine, but still, there come times when you sit in a mood to complete your work in a single day and after being careful enough with your hardware you may find … Read more

Used laptops under 15000 Rs | Best Second hand laptops


Suraj Computers is very trusted brand deals in used laptops, computer & printers and we have the stock of good condition laptops for all brands. You can purchase untouched laptops at a very good rate. One of my friends was asking should I purchase the used laptop? If you purchase an old laptop than it … Read more

Get 25% OFF On Purchase Of Laptop & Desktop Motherboard Repair

Laptop & Desktop Motherboard Repair Service

Suraj Computers deals in all branded laptop motherboards. You can purchase the new motherboards cheaper than other service center in Delhi NCR. Laptop Motherboard Price – 6500 Rs – 8500 Rs. (as par make & model) Computer Motherboard Prices: 1200 Rs If you gave your laptop for repairing and the next day you received the … Read more

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