Could Not Download Virus Scan Failed- Error in Laptop

In windows 10 update message was poping and I clicked on the update button. After that when I am trying to download any files from the internet it starts downloading but after 70-80 % downloaded it show an error message “Could Not Download Virus Scan Failed” that due to the virus field could not be download and download file delete automatically. I tried different browsers, chrome, edge, ie, mozilla…everywhere same error.

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I have 16 GB free space on c drive…changed the location of downloads… nothing is working. Also, I was not able to reinstall chrome … because I was not able to download the new Installer from the internet.

Download Error


Installed Antivirus:

First, I thought that it is an issue of Virus and I have purchased new Antivirus and installed it on my PC because earlier I was using free Antivirus. I have uninstalled the free Antivirus and I did a quick scan and then a full scan of my PC from Quick Heal Antivirus then no virus found. After Scanned the full computer I have tried again to download the file from the internet but the same error.

Folow the below link and check all steps one by one –


If Issue does not resolve pls call us. We will install fresh windows after that this issue will be resolved.

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