How to Repair Laptop Screen?

These days when we need a computer for almost all our online work purposes, it is really very important to look after this important machine, but still, there come times when you sit in a mood to complete your work in a single day and after being careful enough with your hardware you may find your laptop screen broken. Though this is not an easy job to save a screen still it isn’t like this is the time to say goodbye to your computer. Some effective steps and you can sit again in front of your computer.

     Getting it repaired outside is also not much expensive and you can easily find replacements screens online, this seems settled enough for those who are busy and don’t have time to sort this out on their own.


The first step to sort this problem is to know your model. You need to know about what needs to be repaired, even if one is looking for a replacement online, you still need to know the age and model so you can choose the correct replacement. Just spend a few minutes searching and have the model you are looking for.


This is the most common problem faced by people. There can be lots of issues behind this problem which you need to fix. First, you need to make sure that it really is the screen that is causing this problem.  You can check this easily if you connect your computer with some kind of external display. Now turn on the device and if it boots up on the external screen then it is the screen issue for sure.

How to fix no display in laptop?

Do not try to fix your laptop by yourself if it is still in its warranty period. But, if you are ready to do it on your own taking the risk then you need to be very careful. Unplug your computer and then remove the battery and make sure that it is not receiving power anyhow.

Check out the screen carefully and try to remove the screws gently. Now remove the dysfunctional screen slowly. Install the replacement and then you can put the battery back and try to turn your laptop on. If it’s working right then you can put everything back in place. Well, this is not too hard to fix but still, you need to be very careful to implement in the approved manner.

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  • Put On the New Screen

If now you are aware of the model then quickly check the label and model number. Search online for a replacement or at a computer store nearby. The brand type of your computer will decide the cost of your screen. Now you are ready to place the new screen in the frame on your laptop. Just be a little careful while doing it. After fixing the screen carefully reconnect all the cables to your new screen.

Replace new laptop screen
  • Power Up

Now you are completely ready to restart your computer and work on your project. If there is still no display then you need to check if all the screws are attached properly.

This is not an issue which always needs to be checked by some professional. If you are sitting free at home then you can save a lot of amount by doing it on your own. If you follow these steps carefully then you can have your computer functioning in an hour or two simply.

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Top 5 Laptop Screen Issue / Display Repair

We receive many screen related issues daily and replace / repair daily 5-6 screens. 

There are some common problems:

1. Broken laptop screen

This is the most common issue for all laptops. The main reason for the screen breaking is the careless use of the laptop. The screen is a very costly part so we would like to suggest using the laptop very carefully. 

2. Black spots on screen:

Mostly these spots come when pressure comes on the screen and sometimes it comes after overheating the laptop. 

3. White screen:

It is also a big issue and generally comes due to faulty logic cards. Logic cards are placed behind the screen and save the screen from overheating.

4. Screen Flickering:

This issue comes due to faulty display cable. This cable connects the motherboard to the screen. The flickering problem comes when you open and close the screen.

5. Dim display:

It also indicates that the FL inverter board is not working and has to change the FL.

6. Horizontal / Vertical lines:

If lines come on the laptop screen then you have to replace the screen because in that case it could not be repaired.

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Repair laptop screen and fix broken hinges
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