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Laptop Repair in Gurgaon Near Me & Delhi NCR

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Laptop Repair in Gurgaon

Looking for the best Laptop Repair Service in Gurgaon near you? Are you looking for a laptop repair service center inside Gurgaon that can resolve all the problems with your laptop and computer? Suraj Computers repair all kinds of laptops and provide their accessories at a reasonable price. Replace the laptop parts if required with the original and trusted service center.

In this modern phase, you can’t imagine your life without the internet as no doubt it is very useful and helpful for all of us. And then, of course, you need a device to keep up with all the benefits provided by the internet. Nowadays there are barely some people left without a laptop or computer at their home.

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Should I service my laptop regularly?

These devices have served us as a boon but also these devices need good care to serve us for a long time. Not only internal but physical care is also very important in this aspect. We are sharing some tips here so you can take good care of your helpful device in the future.

Laptop Repair Service At Home In Gurgaon Near Me

Get our best laptop & desktop repair service at your doorsteps in Gurgaon without any visit charge by laptop experts from Suraj Computers.

We provide the computer repair service with 1 month of warranty and 15 days guarantee. We are located in Gurgaon and provide the laptop repair service in all Gurugram places like Sector 14, Sector 56, Sector 46, Sector 44, Sector 47, Sector 49, Sohna Road, Sikanderpur, near Shankar Chowk, Iffco Chowk, Sadar Bazar, Udhyog Vihar Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4, Phase 5, Near Ambience Mall, Sushant Lok Phase 1 and Phase 2, MG Road & Unitech Heritage City, DLF City Phase V, Sector 43, Gurgaon Sector 23 and 23A.

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Laptop Repair In Dwarka Near Me

Suraj Computers head office is located in Dwarka sector 12 Near City Center Mall. We are here last 10 years and provide the service in Dwarka and nearby areas like Dwarka Sector 6, Sector 7, Sector 9, Sector 10, Sector 11, Sector 13, Sector 14, Sector 21, Sector 23, Near Ayusman hospital, Near DPS, Dwarka Expressway & Maxfort School.

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Get Free Laptop Repair Home Service In Lockdown Gurgaon

We are providing free laptop repair home service in Gurugram. You can call our technicians will first try to fix the issue online because most of the software related problems could be resolved by online support only.

Types Of Laptop Repair & Service We Offer in Gurgaon & Delhi

1. Physical Maintenance

You must always keep all the physical tools needed, in check. The most basic thing is to keep your laptop clean, though it’s an easy job still most of us don’t pay enough attention to this and it causes problems later. You need to make sure that your laptop isn’t overheating because it will create a hindrance in the performance. If you are repairing your laptop on your own then do not forget to keep an anti-static wristband, it will save you from electricity.

2. Software Maintenance

Keeping the software in check is our next important task. Things like, CHKDSK, defrag, and management tools are very vital things to take care of. Firewall running is also very important because it keeps the traffic flow. Formatting also helps in preparing the hard drive to store information; this is also a way to make sure that your laptop is functioning well.

3. Troubleshoot

You can face many issues regarding, different parts. The issue is related to the motherboard then you can check it by using a digital multimeter, it will help you in several ways. If the issue is power-related then you need to be aware of the functioning of your battery. If the issue is about the fan, it can create some unpleasant sound so you can check the fan by spinning it if it is working properly. Overheating can also have a bad effect on your laptop so make sure that the air is venting properly. If you are facing trouble with a hard drive make sure to use defrag for defragmenting things like files and folders to create some optical space.

4. Slow Laptop?

Many issues can cause your laptop to be slow, the issue can be related to any system like hard drive and malware, etc. so if you want to check the speed of your computer to tackle such issues, you can easily go to the task manager and check the progress.

5. Low Battery?

The best thing about laptops is that they are wireless because you can then take them to anywhere, but what remains as a tension here is that we keep worrying about that battery if it would drain easily. Just check all your power connections, keep the battery charged and if you find something out of your reach then do not hesitate to ask for professional help.

6. Black Screen?

If you are now up for your work, but a black screen on your laptop is staring you back, and then unplug the laptop, remove the battery and keep holding the power button for 30 to 60 seconds. Reattach the power cord and then reboot, then shut down again and put the battery and then re-reboot.

How to Replace Laptop Screen in Warranty?

You can replace your laptop screen under warranty. If your screen is cracked then it will only cover under accidental warranty.

Watch this video – Get replace your laptop screen in warranty

7. Slow Hard Drive?

A slow hard drive can cause a slow down of PC which will eventually affect the work you are doing and it wastes a lot of time which is very stressful. To avoid this there is a process called Defragmentation. It is basically an option available on your computer by which you can get your hard drive speed to normal again. To do this you will have to go into the Control panel

When you will get there you will see an option System and Security with an icon of shield and pie click on that option and now you will see an option at the bottom Administrative tool with an icon of silver gear, underneath in small blue letters make sure to click on Defragment your hard drive which will then lead you to appropriate solution for your issue, will be able to click analyze disk when the progress is complete.

Suraj computers provide the repair & services of all types of laptops and have a team of specialized of different-different company laptops. If a user calls for the problem in a specific brand laptop we will send only the specialized engineer who will give online and offline support to the customers.

8. Laptop Power Adapter / Charger Issue?

You have connected your laptop with an adapter but the charging option is not coming. It will be very frustrating if your laptop is out of warranty because finding the original laptop charger is very difficult. Mostly laptop service centres deal with compatible laptop adapters only.

Laptop Battery Charger
Laptop Battery Charger

If your laptop adapter is not working then Suraj Computers will fix all the charger-related issues at your home. We can repair the adapter chip also mostly capacitor burnt inside the adapter chip due to overheating.  

Most Common Issues in power adapter are:

  • Faulty power cable
  • Charging pin issue
  • Power cable burning
  • Charger chip damage
  • Power Jack issue

If the laptop power cable is faulty in this case no need to purchase a new adapter. Our technician will replace the cable alone and you save 80% amount.

Nowadays we are receiving many calls for the Dell laptop power adapter issue under warranty and out of warranty also. Suraj Computers is the only service center that can fix the adapter chip issues hand to hand.

No need to worry if you are facing any issue with your laptop/all-in-one computer adapter pls come to our laptop service center in Gurgaon or Dwarka. We will provide the best solution to the problem.

Watch Video – How to fix laptop adapter issues

9. Hard Drive Not Found Error

Dell Inspiron laptop shows one message on the screen to “Repairing Windows” and the user clicks on the message for repairing and it took two days for repairing and it was going continuously for two days. He had installed the original “Windows 10” on his laptop. It was very frustrating because he could not work on a laptop for the last two days. Finally, he called us. We assist him to resolve the issue.

Our technician checked the hard drive with another computer and the hard drive was not detecting. The hard disk which was installed on his laptop was “Toshiba” 1 TB. He has lost his valuable data also. 

Suraj Computers installed a new hard disk (WD – SSD(Solid-state Drive)). The SSD hard disk is much faster than the normal HD drive. 

Price : 460 GB WD – SSD Drive – 6000* Rs. (With Installation)

Suggestions: Please avoid the below two points because they can harm your hard drive and you can lose the data also.

  • Don’t Repair windows automatically 
  • Don’t upgrade windows 

Other hard disk related errors:

  • The system will be working fine and suddenly you get one message – “Save Your Data ”
  • You will get the message  – “Smart Hard Disk Error”
  • Boot device not found –  Hard Drive detection not found 

Watch Video – How to fix the hard disk related issues

10. Laptop Fan Issue & Resolution

We received one laptop fan issue call today. HP Pavilion laptop fan was not running and the system was hung after 5 to 10 min of switch on. Our technician checked the laptop and suggested the laptop fan is not working, after servicing the fan will work if in case it does not work then we have to replace the FAN.  

After servicing the fan did not work and it was not running.The same condition as earlier. We had replaced the fan and it also did not work. Remember one thing here there was no sound in the laptop and it was hanging after starting the laptop. 

Watch Video – How to fix the laptop noisy fan at yourself

After a complete check, we found there was a problem with the laptop motherboard. The motherboard did not send the proper voltage to the fan. Our technician fixed the motherboard issue after that Fan was running and the system was not restarting.

Reach Us: IX-62 ILD Mall Gurgaon

11. Power Switch ON/OFF Button Broken Issue

The laptop is not turning on and the black screen is coming. In this case, we should not think it is a laptop motherboard issue. In troubleshooting the problem our first step should be to check the power on/off button. If it is faulty then replace the button and our laptop will be ready to work. 

Replace switch on / off button in 1000 Rs. Only

12. Laptop Screen Repair & Replacement

Suraj Computers replace all kinds of laptop screens that have been broken or other issues like vertical & horizontal line, flickering, white display, hitting black spots, etc. We also provide online support to replace the laptop display yourself. We are the big name in the wholesale price of the laptop screen repair in Gurgaon. If you want to purchase the screens at a reasonable price in bulk then contact us.

Laptop screen Replacement Price: 5000 – 5500 Rs

Suraj computers provide the services for Laptop Screen broken, the display is not coming or the laptop is booting correctly but after that, the screen is coming black or white then no problem we are here. We will provide the best solution for the laptop screen with a VGA card and Screen repair or replacement. We have the best engineers to replace the original laptop screen in front of the customers.

Video – Replace your laptop screen without any technician help

12. Laptop Keyboard Repair Or Replace Missing Keys

The laptop keyboard plays an important role for input the data, if you have missed any keys on your laptop or when you pressed any key that does not type means that time has come to replace the Laptop keyboard.

Laptop Keyboard is tied up with single and if you missed one key than the complete keyboard will be replaced. If some keys are not working than our engineer will service the Laptop keyboard and clean all the key of the Laptop after that will check all the keys are working fine or not

Laptop Keyboard Replace Price : 1200* Rs.

13. LAPTOP Motherboard Repair & Chip Level Repairing

The motherboard is an important part of the laptop which handles all the activities internally happened on the laptop screen, Screen shows the output but all types of data calculations happened by the motherboard only.

We have a special team of engineers who have good knowledge of the laptop motherboard repairing and have the well-settled Lab equipped with all tools & technology to trace the fault in laptop motherboard and diagnose the same. We have the high quantity stock of the old laptops in which we can use the same component for the better & timely services to the customer.

Laptop motherboard repair is much cheaper than purchasing the new motherboard, if in motherboard some small issue is coming and we are asking to change the motherboard it will be very costly.

We received a laptop that had died and the customers told us that there was a problem in his laptop motherboard and asked us would you repair the laptop motherboard? After our confirmation, he came to our office and explained the service he took from another service center. He told the technical team he was thinking that this is a motherboard issue and the power section is not supplying the power to the laptop. They were continuously working on the motherboard but on one thinking the other part issue. Finally, they told me we could not fix the motherboard and you should go to Nehru Place. “Suraj Computers fixed the issue very smoothly”.

14. Laptop Hard Disk Repair & Data Recovery

We work on the important data and save the data in the hard disk only, if your laptop is not working or not booting and you have formatted the system but after that Laptop is not giving a response, you should understand that there is the problem in the hard disk. Please come to our Laptop service & repairing centre in ILD Mall Sohna Road Gurgaon.

We will provide the best service. There can be two types of problems in the Hard disk, one the hard disk media is not working properly and the other is bad sectors can come in the laptop hard disk. We will check your hard disk with the latest tools & technology and the software and will remove the bad sectors of the laptop hard disk.

15. Laptop Backlight/Inverter Repair for No Display

Does your Laptop LCD screen flicker and show a less color image? The Inverter controls the power going to your backlights and may be causing this problem.

It is a pretty inexpensive Laptop Back light Repair option that can save you from complete LCD Screen Replacement.

16. Laptop Batteries & other Accessories in Good Price

original laptop battery in reasonable price

The laptop battery has the eight cells and has the backup of three hours. If your battery is not giving the backup than kindly not repair the laptop battery instead of this replace your battery.

We have all types of an original battery of the laptop and have tied up all the companies like HP Laptop Battery, HCL Laptop Battery, Dell Laptop Battery, Acer Laptop Battery, and Lenovo Laptop Battery.

Our engineer will give you some important tips on how to maintain the Laptop battery for a long time. They will give the tips how much time we should use charge the Laptop battery and how will you consume this

17. Broken Laptop Hinges Repair and Laptop Back Cover Replacement

Laptop with broken hinge
Laptop with broken hinge

Laptop hinges are the hardware part of the laptop that connects the keyboard part with the display screen, if your laptop hinges lose or broken, you should replace the hinges of the laptop because it can be created other problems like display wire could be broken. My laptop body has been cracked and his back cover is also broken. Now I can’t even open my laptop screen. Do you have to change the hinges of this laptop?

Fix Broken Laptop Body

Can you fix it’s the broken plastic body also? Can you fix the broken case of my laptop? The answer to all the questions is yes we can fix all broken parts of the laptop. What is the cost of repairing the broken hinges of the laptop when I have to repair the hinges of my Lenovo laptop in Gurgaon, how much money will you take and how long will it take to repair it? What is the cost of broken hinges replacement? How much money do you charge for repairing laptop hinges? Suraj Computers can quickly fix any laptop’s broken hinges.

You can carry your laptop on our Laptop Service & repair center in ILD Mall Gurgaon Sohna Road and fix your hinges or call us on 8826073373 our engineer will come near you and fix the Laptop hinges.

18. Laptop Touchpad Repair Not Working

Suraj Computers provide services in Laptop touchpad works like the mouse in a desktop, if your laptop mouse has been freeze than understand that there is a problem in the laptop touchpad.

The laptop touchpad problem could happen for two reasons one the hardware problem and the second is the software problem. Our engineer will check and ensure the right problem.

19. How to save your laptop after spilled water damage? 

We are providing some tasks which you have to be aware of after spilled on the laptop. If you are working on it and suddenly water or coffee spilled then we have to immediately switch off the laptop.  Disconnect the laptop Adapter and remove the battery. Turn off the laptop will save the motherboard from a short circuit. 

20. Laptop WI – FI Issue

Now in Corona- COVID19 period many people are working from home. The number of home networks is increasing and due to heavy load in cities Computers are facing slow network and internet connection issues. Suraj Computers has a team of laptop experts who can quickly resolve network-related issues. 

Sometimes network-related issues come due to the hanging of the computer and after the restart, it can work. Before the call to any service center regarding the internet issue please restart your network and computer also.

21. Laptop USB Port is not working in windows 7 / 8 / 10

Your laptop USB stops working or some ports stop recognized then there could be two reasons for the USB-related issues one is the Software (Driver needs to be updated) and the second is Hardware related. If it is related to software then you have to go to the device manager of your computer and update the drives. If the issue does not resolve then remove the drivers and install again. The hardware-related issue could be fixed by the laptop expert only because in this you have to open the complete laptop and changed the USB port.

this video will also help to fix the issue.

22. Laptop On Rent

In COVID-19 time many companies have taken the decision that 50 – 60% of his employees shall work from home. In that case demand for laptops, desktops, and all-in-one computers increased dramatically. Many IT support companies started to provide the laptops for rent but later they cheated the people also. Suraj Computers is the only one that provides the laptop for business events and short-term business requirements in Delhi NCR. We are the laptop repairing company, so we support our customers if they face any kind of issue in a laptop or desktop computer.

23. Best Laptop Dealer

Suraj Computers is the big name in refurbished laptops. You can purchase all brand’s laptops at wholesale price in Delhi NCR. We are the largest brand-new laptop dealer in Gurgaon, and you can purchase Dell, HP, Lenovo, Macbook, Acer, Asus, Sony VAIO, Toshiba etc. We provide offers like one year of warranty on the laptop issues.

24. Laptop Lamination

Suraj Computers provides transparent lamination for a full laptop. We can laminate the screen separately and the keyboard also. If you want to laminate some parts of the laptop then we can do it at your location also.  You can also purchase the lamination part from our service centre.

  1. Laptop Screen Guard
  2. Laptop Keyboard Protector
  3. Back panel screen transparent skin guard

25. Laptop Accessories Shop

Buy all the laptop, computer & printer accessories at the lowest price. We are the name of trust and provide all laptop accessories like Display screen, LED, LCD, Keyboards, Keys, Adapter & Charger, Hinges, Motherboard, Batteries, Touchpad, Speaker, Web camera, Laptop broken body, Hard disk, etc. Please check the availability of your required accessories on Suraj Computers.  

26. Second Hand Laptop Dealer

Suraj Computers deals in used, old, and refurbished laptops for all big companies like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Macbook, Asus, Acer, Sony VAIO, etc. You can get good condition laptops under 10000 Rs. We provide the sale of old laptops at a very low price on festive sessions. We are the wholesale dealer in used laptops in Delhi NCR and Gurgaon. The cheapest price than other used laptop sellers and you can compare our prices online also. Get free home delivery the same day after purchased the laptop or computer. You can get 50% off with one year of software and hardware warranty on all used laptops. You can purchase a world-class notebook for under 15000 at our shop. We have a wide range of laptop and desktop computers that will catch you everywhere and assist you to purchase and a laptop from a trusted service center.

27. Fix Blue Screen Error

This is an unexpected error in laptop/desktop and it goes restart or shut down with a blue screen. It shows the message that your device ran into a problem and it will be restarted immediately. This error is known as “Stop Error or fatal system error”. This error comes due to the following three reasons.

  1. RAM Issue
  2. Hard Disk Issue
  3. Windows OS crash problem
  4. Laptop Graphic Chip Issue
  5. Desktop Graphic Card Problem

Suraj Computers can resolve the issue at your location at a reasonable price. We first check the OS problem and in most of the cases, I can be resolved after reinstallation of the Windows operating system.

28. MS Office Installation

You can download the MS office online and install all the apps like MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, MS Access free. But the free version can be stopped work after one month and you will be lost all the data on which you worked. So my advice doesn’t install the trial version and installs and activate the Office with a key so it will not be stopped working. Suraj Computers will install the latest version of MS Office 2016 & 2013 with a cracked key. You can download the setup from and get the cracked key here. Activate the latest MS office with activating key and save the money.  

29. LAN Driver & LAN Cable Installation

Suraj Computers provides the Ethernet cables at the best price and our technician will install at the office or home as par the required length and speed. If you have 4G connection then you can purchase the LAN 3 M Patch cables. If you have 5G connection then you have to be purchased terabyte CAT 5E ethernet cable. The speed of this cable is 1000 MBPS (1 GB per second).  It is much faster than the LAN 3 cable.

We install the LAN cable and drivers at the client location without any visit charge. So call us for LAN cable & driver installation.

30. Free Virus Protection

Suraj Computers provides free virus protection for your laptop and desktop computer. You can download the trial version of the antivirus and use the same for one month free. If you want to protect your PC for one year or more than one years than you have to go to the paid version of Antivirus. There are many antiviruses in the market but we suggest the Quick heal. It gives a better result than other antiviruses available in the market.  We give the guarantee of original Antivirus because many computer services centres speak false and sell one-year antivirus on the name of three years. Be aware of the fraudsters and don’t purchase any online website they can steal your data also. We have all branded antiviruses like Kaspersky, McAfee, Quickheal etc. and install at your location online.

31. Laptop Headphone / Audio Jack Issue

I have installed the Windows 10 on my laptop yesterday since then his headphone has stopped working. Now I am very upset. Please suggest to me something that makes it workable. Does my laptop have a hardware problem? If there is a hardware problem then how much does it cost? Suraj Computers fixes the headphone & audio jack problem with expert technicians. Software issue can be fixed online after update the drivers but if the problem in hardware than it will some time to resolve the issue.

In most of the cases, the hardware problem is not solvable because the hardware of Audio jack does not get easier. Instead of changing the jack in the motherboard, we can give external jack by which you can work.

32. Laptop & Computers Annual Maintenance Cost (AMC) Services

Do you want to give AMC of all your computers in Gurgaon? Do you have a good number of PCs & printers that you are not able to manage? If you are not able to manage all your computers then you have a chance to take the relief of maintaining computers, printers & servers. Suraj computers provide very good AMC services at a good rate for all. To get AMC service from Suraj computer at a very reasonable price. If you want to give AMC of your computer or laptop, then you should talk to Suraj computer. Get AMC of your laptop repair in Gurgaon and enjoy our fast service within 1 hour.

Suraj Computers takes laptop & PC’s repair AMC in Gurgaon and we also provide very flexible, responsive & cost-effective support for computers & networking related issues. We give same-day delivery without any glitch in service.

Computer AMC Price / Cost

The cost of AMC depends on the make and models of PCs & laptops. Generally, we charge 3000 Rs to 4000 Rs. for laptop Annual Maintenance Cost.

Laptop Repair in Gurgaon, Dwarka & Delhi NCR


What is the cost of replacement of faulty laptop keyboard?

Laptop Keyboard replacement cost is 1200-1500 Rs.

What is the cost to replace the laptop fan?

Laptop Fan replacement cost is 1200 Rs.

How can I fix a noisy laptop fan?

First we will clean the laptop fan mostly fan work fine after cleaning.

What is cost of replace a broken laptop screen?

Replace broken laptop screen in just 4500- 5000 Rs.

How much does it cost to repair laptop adapter?

It will take 400 to repair laptop adapter.

How can I fix my laptop WIFI ?

First we will fix the WIFI driver, uninstall driver and install again.

What is the cost of brand new laptop motherboard?

It takes 5000 – 8500 Rs as par model.

Can a spill laptop repair?

If the laptop laptop motherboard did not short circuit and you have removed the laptop battery on time. In that case Suraj Computers can fix the water spilled laptop.

laptop repair & service center
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laptop repair & service center
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Suraj Computers,
ILD Mall ,Sohna Road ,Gurgaon-122018,
Telephone No.8826073373
Gurgaon, Delhi NCR , Dwarka
To get fix your laptop within an hour by Suraj Computers. We have a team of experts to provide the laptop service at home also.

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