Dell laptop repair & service center in gurgaon

Dell Laptop Repair & Service Center In Gurgaon Near Me & Delhi NCR

Suraj Computers is the authorized Dell laptop repair & service center in Gurgaon near me. You can also purchase the original Dell laptop accessories at a reasonable price in our store.

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Dell Laptop Repair & Service Near Me

Are you looking for a Dell laptop repair & service near your location? Suraj Computers is the Dell authorized service center who fix all kind of issues like display screen, keyboard, charger, hinge, touchpad and etc. Fix All Issues In Dell laptop with Authorized Service Center.

Repair Your Dell Laptop at your Doorstep

Repair and service your Dell laptop at your doorstep without any visiting service charge. Our team will fix all issues at your home. Suraj Computers provides dell laptop repair & service at client locations. Only for chip level-related repair work, we do at our service center.

Dell Inspiron 3573 Laptop Windows 10 Installation

Today we came to a Dell laptop with a window to be installed, in which we had to install Windows 10 operating system. The laptop was running very slow and all the application was throwing the “not responding error”. We installed Windows 10 on this laptop without any error. Before doing this activity we had ensured that all the data had been backed up on one external hard drive.

Windows 10 installation charge – 450 Rs. Only

Tips & tricks to install windows at yourself Click here

Dell 2-in-1 Laptop Repair & Services

It is very difficult to repair & service the 2-in-1 Dell laptops because they need some extra care to repair & service these notebooks. These are the 10th generation laptops which work as a Tablet & laptop both. These laptops are available with higher configurations and speed is also very fast. The most common issue in these notebooks is the broken hinge & screen problem. It is required more care than other normal laptops.

Dell 2-in-1 laptop repair
2-in-1 Laptops we repair
S.NoDell 2-in-models
1Inspiron 14 5406 2-in-1 Laptop
2Inspiron 13 7306 2-in-1 Laptop
3Inspiron 14 5491 2-in-1
4New Inspiron 13 7000
5Latitude 7310 Laptop 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-10210U (4 Core, 6M cache, base 1.6GHz, up to 4.2GHz)
Dell 2-in-1 Laptop Repair & Services
Dell 2 in 1 laptop repair & service – Fixed No display issue

Dell Vostro 3550 Laptop USB & HDMI Ports are not working

Dell Laptop USB Ports are not working

There is a Dell Vostro laptop in which the wired mouse is not connected. I tried to install my pen drive. The pen drive is not working too. Is the USB port bad? Can you fix the USB ports in it? Is it a software problem? Or is it a hardware problem? I have removed the USB drivers and installed them again but the same problem is coming.

Dell Laptop HDMI Port is not working

Dell Vostro laptop is not connected with TV. I think HDMI port has some issue. Pls fix the issues in HDMI ports.

Dell Inspiron 24 3400 Series All-in-One Computer Repair

Suraj Computers provide the repair & service for all Dell All-in-One desktop also. If your Dell desktop screen is broken or black color lines are coming at that time, then we repair it or replace it. The original display screen of Dell’s laptop is available here, if you have broken the screen of Dell’s desktop, then you get it replaced by the original screen only. The display screen goes black can you repair it? If the screen won’t turn on, then it can be a problem for its motherboard as well. How can I resolve the white screen of my Dell All-in-One computer?

Screen Size in Dell All in one machine
S.NoScreen Size in Inches
118 inches
220 inches
321 & 22 inches
424 inches
Dell All-in-One Desktop Repair in Gurgaon

Fix Your Dell Laptop In Gurgaon & Dwarka Delhi Near Me

Are you looking for Dell Laptop repair & service in Gurgaon or Dwarka Delhi? If you have bought your new Dell laptop too, Suraj Computers provides all types of newly launched, latest & old Dell laptops service inside Gurgaon at a very cheap rate. If anything is going on in your Dell laptop, then we will fix it at your home. Suraj Computer is a Gurgaon-based company that also sells new laptops and repairs them also.  If you have any hardware or software-related problem, then we provide online support to you.

Dell Laptop Repair & Support Service in Sector 14 Gurgaon

We are the authorized Dell laptop partner and provide the original spare parts in Gurgaon sector 14. We are an exclusive store near AKD tower.

To run your Dell laptop , PC or All in one machine smoothly and make it compatible with all connected devices call us.

Fix Your Dell Notebook with Expert Technician In Gurgaon Sector 23

Call us or reach us to take the support for hardware or software related issue in your Dell notebook or desktop in Gurgaon sector 23.

Dell Laptop Broken Body & Hinges Repair

The hinges that are attached to the laptop screen are broken and the base cover plastic is also cracked. Can you repair them within warranty? I have purchased this laptop three months ago. Many service centers will tell you that repairing the broken body of the laptop is absolutely impossible. They will ask you to replace the completely damaged body chassis of the laptop and that is the only way to fix the issue. The plastic body, which breaks the laptop and its hinges are also broken in my Dell Inspiron notebook so that the screen does not even open.  Suraj Computer has all solutions for such problems related to laptops like hinges and related to the broken body of the laptop.  


Dell laptop body repair

Cracked Laptop Body Repair    Broken Body Replacement
Quick Fix for Broken Hinges      Cost for fixing the cracked body

If the body of your laptop is broken and it cannot be repaired then in that condition we can replace it at a very reasonable price. There are lots of non-working laptops in our service center whose body we can replace in other laptops. The left-hand side hinge of my laptop is broken.  Do I have to replace the left side hinge only or put both sides in it, and can you repair it that is broken? Yes, We can repair all laptops broken hinges & back cover.

Cracked Laptop Body Repair

Read Also – Step by Step to fix the broken laptop hinges

Cost of Dell Broken Hinges Repair & Service

If laptop hinges are broken then it costs 1100 to 1200 Rs to fix it. The cost can be reduced if the condition is somewhat OK. Sometimes the screws of the hinges become loose which we tighten and the cost of tightening it comes to only 100 Rs.

Other Laptops for Body Repair
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MacBook Hinges RepairAsus Hinges & Body Repair
Acer Hinges & Body RepairToshiba Hinges & Body Repair

Buy Dell Laptop Hinges at Best Price

If you want to buy hinges for your dell laptop inside Delhi NCR and all nearby areas at a cheap rate then you can approach Suraj Computers. We will give you at the cheapest rate than other laptop hinges providers in the Nehruplace market. The normal price of Dell laptop hinges is between 1000 to 1200 Rs.

Read the Dell Laptop Hinges Policy Click here

Why Dell?

We have brought here an amazing brand for you to look at. The best brand for the year 2020 is DELL. This is American global computer expertise which repairs, sells, supports and develops computers. This company is no doubt one of the largest technological corporations and one of the biggest computer manufacturing companies in the world. This brand is very popular for its very innovative ideas.

Dell is providing its customers with every kind of server they need. To enhance the value of your IT infrastructure Dell provides automated tools and services. This brand new company Dell is an MNC deal in laptop, desktop, and server manufacturing. It has a good share of laptop sales and service across the globe. Dell is the best seller in India which provides laptops and servers attuned to the new generation.

Dell Customer Support & Service

Suraj Computers provides all kinds of technical support as quickly as you connect with us. We shall support both software & hardware problems with the right technical expert. Our Dell expert will work in a smart way that we can fix the issue at your location online or offline. You can directly call to Dell support center.

Dell/Customer service – 1800 425 2067

We are located at Sohna Road Gurgaon & Dwarka Delhi provide the Dell laptop service post-warranty. We provide the services in Gurgaon and nearby areas like sector 56,14, Sikanderpur. The services and support provided by this company make this company more exclusive from other sellers. It provides online and offline services with exceedingly eligible technicians. This company has many service centers in India and you can simply look for one in your local area and get repaired your Dell PC effortlessly at the hands of some experienced workers. Customer Support & Care Centers of Dell Laptop.

Authorized Service Center of Dell Near Me

Dell is an MNC deal in laptop, desktop, and server manufacturing. It has a good share of laptop sales and service across the globe. Dell is the best seller in India and provides the new generation of laptops and servers. Dell has many authorized service centers across India. You can get a list of the authorized service centers and visit for your laptop or desktop computer repair.

The best and easy service and support make this company unique from other sellers. It has provided online and offline services with highly qualified technicians.

There are many service centers in India and you can find easily in your local area and get repaired your Dell PC.

Dell Laptop Screen Repair / Replacement

Get replace your broken laptop screen in Gurgaon with Dell trained technician at Suraj Computers. We are the one of most trusted laptop screen suppliers in Delhi NCR. You can purchase all Dell model laptop screens at a low price. We always use the original screen with six months to one year’s warranty. Most screens do create problems like broken, cracked, black spots, white screen, vertical & horizontal lines due to accident.

Fix Dell Laptop Screen Issues

Laptop screen does not deteriorate as we have seen normally.  If there is any pressure on it, then only it breaks and gets cracked.  That is why we should take care of the laptop screen very carefully.

I have a Dell laptop that I bought 3 months ago.  The screen of that laptop is broken by my mistake.  I replaced the same screen here from a repair center in Gurgaon. My screen is not working properly even after changing.  Sometimes the display would come and go. Is there any dell trained technician in Gurgaon who can have the genuine part of the Dell because I only want to replace the original display Screen in a notebook?  The screen of the laptop should be kept very carefully because this screen can break even at a slight pressure.

Dell laptop Screen Repair

Common Problems In laptop Screens

There may be a lot of problems with the laptop screen, such as the breakdown of the laptop screen, singing of black spots in the laptop screen, cracking the screen of the laptop, hitting the horizontal & vertical lines in the laptop screen. Distorted images & video is also a common problem that comes due to driver issue. We do fix all kinds of issues.

Sometimes the laptop goes into sleep mode and some people start to understand that the screen of my laptop has gone bad and it has gone black.  Nothing like this happens.  That laptop goes to sleep mode.  If you remove it from the sleep to real mode then it starts working again

Clients Screen Related Issues

“My laptop fell off the bed yesterday and a small black spot has appeared on its left-hand side corner.  Do I have to change the screen of my laptop in this condition because I showed it to the service centre, then he said that this black spot will gradually grow and you will start having problems?”

My laptop starts.  But screen comes black.  Is it a screen problem or something else?  You tell me about it.  , I think this is not a laptop screen problem.  The laptop has some part in the motherboard like display IC’s.  Because of that, sometimes the display does not come.

Cracked Laptop Screen Replacement

All types of screens we have

We have screens of all types of laptops such as a touchscreen, LCD, LED, paper LED, 14 inch, 15 & 15.6 inches. If you want to change only on the laptop screen, then you can buy from us and replace yourself.

Cost to replace the laptop screen

Changing the screen of the laptop costs from 5000 to 6000 Rs.  The cost may be less or more.  It depends on which model of your laptop whether it has a touch screen or a normal paper LED. Do you finance the laptop screen of Dell laptop so that today I would replace, and pay in EMI?

How can we prevent the laptop screen from breaking?

If you want to avoid breaking the screen of your laptop, then you have to do some small things like

  • Do not put anything heavy on it.
  • Don’t leave the laptop on bed or ground.
  • Never hold your laptop with a screen.
  • Water off your laptop screen.
  • Do not place anything on the laptop keyboard and before closing, check that there is something on the laptop keyboard. If something is there first to remove then close the laptop screen.

Many users ask the question regarding display screen – Suraj Computers provides all the services asked in FAQ.

Dell Laptop Keyboard Repair & Replace the missing or broken keys

Get Fix the Dell laptop keyboard broken or missing keys. Suraj Computers provide the original Dell laptop keyboard with 3 months of warranty. We will replace the keyboard within an hour after booked the call with us. Recently we had replaced the Dell laptop keyboard of a user who purchased the laptop three months back. First, he checked with the service centre and they refused to replace the keyboard under warranty. He was very frustrating because he purchased the laptop 3 months back only. The service centre gave the logic that it is physically damaged and the company does not cover physically damaged under warranty. The price of the new keyboard at the service centre was more than 3 times in comparison with our price so finally, he decided to replace the keyboard with us.

One key of the keyboard has broken, now do I need to replace the full keyboard or we can fix the one key only? This kind of query comes daily. We can fix the missing keys but it depends on the lock of the keys. If the lock is also broken then we could not fix the broken key. In that case, you have to replace the full keyboard.

Can I replace my Dell laptop keyboard with myself?

Is there any challenges to replace my dell laptop keyboard missing keys?

What is cost of Dell Inspiron laptop keyboard?

How do i identify the original dell laptop keyboard?

Can Suraj Computers provide the Dell laptop service at home in Gurgaon?

Dell Inspiron 15R N5010 Laptop Keyboard Replacement

My dell laptop keyboard is malfunctioning. How much does it cost to replace the dell laptop keyboard at home? Does the laptop keyboard be replaced within warranty? If your laptop keyboard is under warranty, then I am sure you will receive a new keyboard service at your home free of cost.

Dell laptop keyboard replacement cost – 1200 Rs.

Dell Latitude 6430 laptop Issue

We received a case today of Dell Latitude 6430 laptop, which had such a strange issue. The issue was that whenever we used to connect the laptop charger to the laptop, the light on the charger used to go off. We checked the laptop charger with some other laptops and the charger was working fine with the other one. The battery was being charged perfectly with the same charger but some other laptop. Then we confirmed that there was not an issue with the adapter. Our technician of motherboard checked the charger and the laptop and he noticed that the issue lied in the chip and not somewhere else. The motherboard chip was short-circuited.

In Gurgaon & Dwarka, Suraj Computers is the only service center which provides the chip level repairing for laptop & desktop. We have with us the latest technology and machines with the help of which we are able to fix any kind of laptop motherboard chip level issues. You can trust us with such issues; we can fix these issues within 3 to 4 hours. After fixing the device we do not just give it back but we also put the device on test for at least 12 hours.

Dell Latitude E5450 Died Laptop

In case your Dell laptop dies or it is not switching on then don’t worry we have a team of Dell laptop expert technicians who can provide the service within one hour.

Today one customer came and asked his laptop is not working we checked thoroughly and found that the problem was in the processor and he repaired the laptop earlier also. His laptop issue was fixed but they replaced the processor. The motherboard was not in repairable condition because of disconnected many sections of the motherboard. We suggested replacing the motherboard.

After replace the motherboard his laptop is working fine.

Dell Inspiron N 5110 Touchpad

In a case we received the touchpad of the Dell Inspiron laptop was not working. We checked the cursor first, but it was working a bit still so we were confirmed that the problem was nowhere in settings. If the cursor does not move properly then we had to check in the settings whether it has been disabled from there or if the driver is not installed properly. If the cursor is not moving even a bit, then we need to worry about it because then we will have to change the touchpad, there is no other solution for such an issue.

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Dell 3555 Laptop Fan Problem

My Dell laptop’s cooling fan was not working properly, it was not responding too so I started the diagnostic on my laptop. It showed me something like a Laptop fan error. so I was thinking if I should replace the Dell laptop fan, then it occurred to me that if I can change the laptop fan myself or if I can do the Dell laptop fan service on my own. But I was reminded that cleaning a laptop fan is very tricky and such things should not be performed by anyone who does not know properly about the process, otherwise it will only cause harm to your laptop and to you as well; as you might need to pay extra for the new issues you have created.

Clean Your Dell Laptop Fan

Suraj Computers will help you to clean or replace the fan at very affordable prices. You can contact us anytime and have your laptop repaired quickly.

Dell Inspiron N 5110 Touchpad
Dell Inspiron N 5110 Touchpad

It is very tricky to clean or service the laptop fan because if you are not technical then you could not clean the laptop fan. Suraj Computers will help you to clean or replace the fan.

Dell Vostro 3560 Charging Issue

Sometimes back I faced some issues with my Dell Vostro notebook, I tried to connect it to the adapter thinking that it was happening because of charging issues, a message popped out then saying “Plugged-in charging” but after a few minutes a second messaged popped saying “Plugged-in not charging. We had faced such issues earlier as well. These types of issues are caused because of a bad “Laptop Battery.” This happens after removing the battery because we have seen laptops working pretty fine before such issues without any interruption. When we replaced the battery our issue was solved completely.

Get Offer – Laptop Adapter Repair & Replace

Dell Vostro laptop repair in gurgaon
Dell Vostro laptop charging issue


Once I was trying to install windows 10 on my Dell Latitude Laptop but while installing it, my laptop was hanging and it was creating an unbearable problem. I was not able to install windows 10 in my notebook because of this issue. Then I checked why I was not able to install windows 10? After going through my laptop thoroughly I found out that the problem actually lied in the VGA cable of the graphics card. When I replaced the cable it started working fine again as before.

       We have mentioned here some of the issues which one can face while dealing with the same brand laptop, so if you are the one who is stuck in an unfavorable situation you can find us and get your laptop repaired quickly, at very affordable prices.

Get Offer – Laptop Motherboard Repair & Service Center

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Do you repair the broken laptop screen?

Broken screen could not be repaired. Many service center say that they can repair the laptop cracked screen but it is not possible. The broken or cracked screen would be replaced only.

Can you fix the black spots in my Dell Inspiron 15 laptop display?

We can check the condition of the laptop and replace the screen it is cracked.

What is the cost of replace the Dell laptop screen?

Suraj Computers use the original laptop Dell laptop screen for replacement. Our price in much lesser than authorized service centre. Dell Laptop screen replacement cost is near about 5000 Rs. The cost can vary as par models.

How much time is required for replace the dell laptop touch screen?

We can replace the laptop touch screen at the client location and it will take hardly one hour time in replacement.

What is the reason of Dell laptop screen flickering?

In many Dell laptop models, the screen flickering issue come due to display cable. After the change, the display cable flickering issue could be resolved.

Does Suraj Computers use the original laptop screens?

Yes. We are authorized service partner of Dell and use the original spare parts only.

How do I identify that it is the original dell laptop display screen?

You can check the Serial No and match the serial no of the screen with Dell laptop site. If the number matches then it is the original Dell laptop screen.

Can Suraj Computers fix the Dell Laptop Screen?

Suraj Computers can resolve all kinds of laptop screen , LED, paper LED, LCD display screen issues in reasonable price.

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