Sony VAIO Laptop service in gurgaon

Sony Vaio Laptop Repair & Services In Gurgaon & Delhi NCR

Sony VAIO Laptop Repair & Service

Suraj Computers is the only one in Gurgaon & Dwarka Delhi that provides the service for all Sony VAIO laptop models and provides the spare parts at a very reasonable price. You can connect us for any kind of support and service for laptops.

Nowadays it has been very difficult to arrange the Sony laptop parts. Today we get one laptop which bezel and screen have been broken and the display came out.

Sony VAIO Mini Laptop Repair

I have a mini Sony laptop in which sometimes the display comes and sometimes goes. Is it the problem with the motherboard or screen issue? What is the cost of the Sony VAIO mini laptop screen? What is the charge to repair the Sony Laptop motherboard?

Sony Vaio Model No – SVF142C1WW

We have to fix the laptop Hinges & body so it can work smoothly. This was the challenge with us. To change the laptop screen, bezel and hinges are costing very high. The customer was confused about whether he should repair or not. Finally, he took the decision and fixed Sony Vaio.


1. Fix the laptop body

2. Replace the broken laptop screen

3. Change the Sony Vaio Hinges

4. Upgrade windows 7 to windows 10

Sony VAIO Laptop Repair in Gurgaon & Dwarka

Sony SVF 15 speaker issue

I have getting cracked voice in my Sony VAIO laptop. I think speakers have been cracked. Should I replace the internal speaker? Many customers ask this question and our answer always is that it depends on the use.

We can replace the cracked speaker or can fix the existing one also. Suraj Computers recommends that don’t use the 200% volume in VLC media player because it can distorted speakers.

sony VAIO laptop speaker replacement

Description: Sony Vaio laptop screen, hinges, keyboard repair

Sony Vaio laptop screen, hinges, keyboard repair
Sony Vaio Laptop parts like Screen, Keyboard, Hinges & Adapter

Sony VAIO PCG-61212W

Facing the heating issue in my Sony laptop and WIFI is also not working. We have services the fan after that the heating problem has resolved. For WIFI we have reinstalled the drivers but the problem did not resolve. There was not a software problem but hardware and we need to replace the WIFI card. After replacing the WIFI  card the network is connecting and speed is also coming good.

Sony Vaio SVP132A1CM Fan Issue

 The fan was making extra noise and the laptop was overheating. We have services with the laptop fan and now working cool.
Pls, go through the below link. Still, the issue persists than pls call us.

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