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MacBook Repair & Service At Your Doorstep

Get repair your Mac computer & notebook with highly knowledgeable technicians in Gurgaon near me & Dwarka Delhi. We provide the service for MacBook Air & Pro in Gurgaon & Delhi NCR.

Apple is the biggest company in the world with the most market value that has a market value of 2 trillion dollars, making it the first company to hit 2 trillion dollars of net worth.

This is the most successful brand in laptops (MacBook), mobiles (iPhone), desktops (iMac) because we all know that Apple provides very high-quality products. It gives the users a flawless experience, apple has its own operating system which takes it to another level. In every new model, they provide the best processor, their processors are far better than any other brands.

Fixed The MacBook Broken Power Cord

The power cable of my MacBook is broken. I called to buy for new power cable but they are saying that the new power cord will be very expensive. MacBook parts are very expensive. If you will buy a new cord, it will cost you near about 1200 Rs. I recommend that you get this cable repaired and save the money for other important work. If the power cord is broken, Can I charge my MacBook Pro? No, You should not use the broken adapter cable because it can be an invitation to fire at your home or office.

We can fix any broken power cable or faulty charger also. So don’t worry about your Mac charger related issues. Call us we will fix ASAP.

MacBook Power Cord Repair

Should I get my MacBook or Mac serviced before summer comes?

Most people believe that before summer comes, we should get MacBook serviced because dust accumulates in the fan of the laptop so that the fan of the laptop gets jammed so that it starts making noise. Laptops get very hot in summer. Your MacBook motherboard gets damaged due to the fan being jammed. Before you use your laptop, get it serviced by a good service centre because Mac service can’t be done by an ordinary laptop repair service centre. MacBook service should be done by the expert only. Which is necessary to get the laptop serviced every year? In order to perform the best Mac computers, there must be a minimum 20-degree or less temperature.

Clean your laptop fan, remove the dust that has accumulated on your motherboard, and then the processor that has to be applied to the cooling paste. We ask people how much money they will get for servicing the MacBook? My laptop is running perfectly, there is no problem with it if I want to get it serviced, how much money will you charge for it? Re-tighten all screws of the laptop.

What You Do in MacBook Service?
  • Open the complete notebook
  • Clean the Fan & do the greasing & oiling for smooth functioning
  • Clean Motherboard
  • Check the Health of Battery
  • Keyboard keys Cleaning
  • Clean Audio Jack
  • DC Power Jack Clean
  • Remove dust from the camera
  • Clean the Speaker
  • Clean All USB Ports
  • Check & Clean the Touchpad
  • Check the voltage of the charger
  • Clean the Body with highly tested solutions
  • Restore the screws & fix all missing screws also

S.NoProblemService Charge
1No Problem – Everything is working fine on MacBook.
The only service is required
1000 Rs.
MacBook Service Charge

Get MacBook service under warranty – Click Here

MacBook Service in Gurgaon

Mac Computer or Notebook Repair & Service in Gurgaon & Dwarka

If you want to repair or service your Mac notebook inside Gurgaon or near me, then you should go to the authorized service centre. Suraj Computers authorized computer centre in Gurgaon which has all the original parts of MacBook.

MacBook Repair in Gurgaon

   Whatever problem you have with your Mac computer or notebook, the Suraj computer fixes it and repairs it in a very minimal charge. Do you want to upgrade your Mac notebook in Gurgaon with original parts today, so you call Suraj Computers?  We will upgrade your Mac notebook or Desktop as you wish. If you want to upgrade the hard drive with SSD, RAM or graphic card with a Mac expert then you call us. Our laptop expert will come to your house and do all the upgrades there.

Where should I get MacBook Pro & Air service in Gurgaon & Delhi NCR?

There are many laptop repair service centres in Gurgaon that show that they repair MacBook but many are not trusted. A lot of people have been cheated by many service centres and run away in Gurgaon with a client’s notebook.  We are the most trusted laptop repair service centre inside Gurgaon, which supports with time. If your laptop can be repaired then we will say that it will be repaired otherwise we refuse respectfully.

MacBook Repair Cost

If your MacBook is still under warranty, there will be no charge for its repair. If there is a problem with your laptop that does not come under warranty, then in this case, depending on the types of problem, it depends on its price. There are many problems inside the laptop that don’t come in the warranty, such as the screen breaks, the keyboard does not work and hard fails, it is all the problem which don’t cover in the warranty.

Check your MacBook warranty

If you do not know if your Mac is under warranty, you can check it by clicking on the link below. If you are covered with AppleCare+, then you will know whether your laptop is inside protection or not, it also provides hardware coverage including accidental damage and also provides technical support.

Click here – See the Mac warranty

Is MacBook Repair worthy?

The customer asked me the question whether I should get my MacBook repair as it had a screen problem and the battery was not working properly, so in this case, we asked him to buy a new MacBook because its repairing cost is coming between 30,000 to ₹ 40000.

Backup before Repair the MacBook

Before repairing any laptop, Suraj computers make sure whether data is backed up or not. If there is no backup, then we first take a backup of the entire data and only then it will be repaired or services.

MacBook Battery Repair / Replacement Cost

Sometimes the battery of the MacBook laptop stops working and it does not even take charging in such a way that we can replace it within warranty. Your notebook is not in warranty and if you want to change its battery, then you have to pay for it.

Price List of laptop battery in India Rupees – All the below amount can vary as par model and time. All are the approximate cost of MacBook Batteries.

S.NoProduct NamePrice(Rs.)
1Macbook Air 11 & 13 Inch10500
2Macbook Pro 11 & 13 Inch10500
3MacBook Pro 17 Inch – 1500015000
4MacBook Pro with Retina Display18000
5MacBook 12 inch19000
5MacBook Mini8000
MacBook Battery Price

MacBook Accessories in Delhi NCR

If you have 5 years old Mac desktop or notebook, then it becomes very difficult to arrange the spare parts for the same. Apple is not able to provide spare parts for Mac older than 5 years in case it is not available in his store.

Why Macbook?

 Apple is most known for its privacy it provides very high privacy to the user data which makes it the safest phone, it also owns an I-cloud in which without needing an external HDD you can store your data safely and securely.

They launch the best feature always whenever it comes up with a new model like face recognition. Apple is most known for its iPhones in the first year they made a sale of 1.5 million copies. The innovation culture of the company is continuing and the company is 3 to 5 years ahead of its competitors in features.

Macbook Customer Support & Care Center

Avail the service and support for Apple Macbook from a team of experts @Suraj Computers. We provide Macbook hardware & software services in Delhi NCR. Get the 3 months additional warranty of all Macbook model repair. Our team of expert technicians will support you both online & offline.

Apple MacBook is on top or we can say the boss of all laptop manufacturing companies in the world. Mac is the most demanding notebook and the desktop not in India but all around the world. Apple has enhanced its capabilities in processor, graphics, audio & video. After making these enhancements in a notebook it is faster than ever.

MacBook has launched new features in its Air models. These notebooks are now coming with a Retina unlock and magic keyboard with higher performance than the earlier versions.

Suraj Computers provides the services and support for all MacBooks. If your Macbook is getting any problem with the screen, operating system, keyboard, adapter, etc. then please contact us, we will fix your issue at a reasonable cost.

We provide the service for below Apple models in notebook:

Also read:

MacBook Pro

MacBook Air

A 1278, A 1369 , A 1666


Cost of the services:

macOS- Operating System Installation – Rs. 1500
Cost of the MacBook Screen Replacement – 13000 Rs

Retina Screen Repair / Replacement In MacBook

MacBook Pro Display models

There are three models in the MacBook Pro one 13 inches, 15 inches and sixteen inches.  MacBook 13 inch laptop which came in 2012 with 2050 pixels and 15-inch laptop which came after 2012 in 2678 pixels and sixteen inches laptop introduced in 2019 or later with higher resolutions 3050.  

S.NoMacBook Pro ModelsSize in Inches
113 inches introduced in 201213
215 inches introduced in 2012 or later15
316 inches introduced 201916
MacBook Air Display Models

Macbook Air laptop is launched about 2018 or later and in it has 267 pixels per inch in it.

iMac Display Models

iMac has two desktop models, which comes in 21.5 inches and in 27 inches, their screens are very expensive and that is why we should take care of them. Suraj computers replace the iMac computer screen at a very low price.

For More Information – Replace the Mac Display Screens

MacBook Keyboard – 3000 Rs .

Macbook Keyboard Repair

MacBook New Adapter Price – 2000- 2200 Rs.

Macbook Power Adapter / Charger Repair

Install Windows 10 OS in MacBook | macOS Installation in MacBook

Replace or Repair Mac Noisy Fan

The fan of my MacBook is making a very loud sound and I cannot understand why the sound is coming in it and my laptop is also getting overheat, how will you fix it? can you fix the overheating on my MacBook? After servicing your cooling fan, you will also end up overheating.


FAQ about MacBook

What is the cost of operating system installation in MacBook?

It depends on the models of your notebook but generally, we take the charge of 1500 Rs for operating system installation. We provide a hand to hand installation within 2-3 hours.

What is the cost of keyboard replacement in MacBook?

Suraj Computers can replace the Macbook keyboard in just 3000 Rs. It can be varied as a par model but it will be near the mentioned price.

What is the price of original new adapter of MacBook ?

You can purchase the original MacBook adapter for under 2000-2200 Rs. Most people charge more than the usual cost but this the genuine price.

What is the replacement cost of original Macbook laptop screen?

MacBook laptop screen is costlier than normal laptops. Its original screen price is 13000 Rs including replacement cost.

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