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Acer is a very old name in the field of laptop, desktop & all in one computer. Fix your laptop in Gurgaon & Dwarka via our highly skilled technicians within 24 hours (101% guarantee).

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How To Book Acer Laptop Service With A call?

  1. Click on the call now button to book a service with us.
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  3. Visit our centre or opt for the doorstep service.

Why Choose Suraj Computers To Fix Your Acer laptop?

At Suraj Computers, we have got a team of well-experienced and accomplished technicians who are available 24×7 for your service. We are well-known to provide best services in Delhi and NCR, be it doorstep service or walk-in, you will get the best of us.

Types Of Acer Laptop Repairing & Servicing Offered By Suraj Computers

Hardware Repair

Our team is the best service centre in Dwarka with professional workers. Repairing a Computer includes identifying the issue, fixing troubleshooting and resolving the problem. All the issues related to techniques, tools, hardware etc. can be fixed by our team at your doorstep or our service centre.

Software Repair

Fixing software is an easy job, the software keeps running into bugs and a patch can easily fix this issue. Along with this, our team can also fix functionality problems, recover security and enhance new features in your device.

Acer All-In-One Repair

Our team not only fixes the laptop but also all kind of desktops too. Whether the issues are with the keyboard, motherboard, chip, speaker or any other part you can get it fixed at affordable prices.

Screen Repair/Replacement

We have screens for all the models of ACER laptop. Whether, the laptop screen needs to be fixed, repaired or replaced, find us and your work is done. You can get your work done at very reasonable prices with us.

Broken Body Repair

Broken body is a result of physical damage. You can get it fixed easily at affordable prices. The rate depends on the seriousness of the issue.

Keyboard Repair

A broken keyboard can easily bring all the computer work to a halt. The issues demands to be fixed at earliest. Get it fixed easily with Suraj Computers.

USB Port Repair

USBs are very necessary to transfer the data from one device to another. Sometimes, you might just face issues while attaching the device to your laptop. If that is the issue, we can fix it for you.

Charging Issue

When the laptop isn’t responding to charge there can be many issues including chip, charger or battery. We will check the issue and provide you the best solution.

Laptop Fan Problem

A clean fan is a vital need of laptop because it can be the reason behind the overheating of the laptop. We advise you to get the fan checked as soon as possible. Suraj Computers will help you to clean or repair the fan.

Touchpad Issue

If the cursor or touchpad of your device has stopped responding, don’t worry at all. Just give us

We Fix Famous Acer Laptop Models:

  • Acer Nitro 5
  • Acer Chromebook
  • Acer Nitro 7

and different models with different specs.


What is cost of fixing laptop screen flickering issue in Acer Laptops?

Laptop Screen flicker due to defective display cable and after replacing this wire most the flickering issue resolved. The cost of this cable is 1500 Rs. including replacement cost.

Where is the authorized Acer Laptop Service Center in Gurgaon?

ILD Mall Sohna Road – Suraj Computer is the authorized Acer Laptop Service Center in Gurgaon.

What is the cost of Acer laptop servicing?

Suraj Computer charges begins with Rs. 500 for any Acer model laptop. Our laptop experts will visit at your place and fix it in front of you.

How much does it cost to replace the ACER laptop screen?

The cost for the screen can vary between Rs 3500 to 7000. We assure you that you will get the original Acer screen as replacement and it will cost you lesser than the other shops nearby.

How do I identify if the Acer laptop screen is original or not?

To identify the originality you can check the Serial No and match the serial no of the screen with the Acer laptop site. If the number is exact then it is original, if it is not, contact the centre.

How much does it cost for an Acer laptop broken hinge?

Depending on the model, an Acer laptop hinge might cost between Rs 1100 to 1500. The cost can be reduced or changed on basis of the situation.

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