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Lenovo is one of the most popular brands in laptops now a day. Suraj Computers provide the Lenovo Laptop repair & service in Gurgaon & Dwarka Delhi with skilled technicians. The brand provides the best assets of laptops at the best price. Their laptops are really awesome and their features are on another level which separates them from the other brands and gives this brand a different spotlight. The brand has already released many revolutionary versions of the laptops like the Lenovo Yoga Series. Lenovo is the world largest pc vendor and also it is cheaper than another big brand so it is worth to buy a laptop of Lenovo brand

Why Lenovo?

You can buy a Lenovo laptop at a reasonable price here and the best feature is that your order is delivered on the same day on which you placed the order and with the best packaging. Best price and good arrangement Suraj Computers provide all laptops and computer assets. We are the authorized laptop service centre to be found in Gurgaon & Dwarka. We also provide the best service for Lenovo desktop computer also for Lenovo hassle-free service please call us. Lenovo ThinkPad is a demanding model across the world. If your Lenovo laptop is out of warranty we will help you to resolve the issue quickly with original accessories.

Lenovo Laptop Repair & Service Center In Gurgaon

Lenovo Laptop & PC Repair in Gurgaon & Dwarka Delhi

If you have a Lenovo home laptop or a professional laptop or a student laptop, then you can get it repaired on Suraj Computers. We provide Lenovo PC service in the entire Gurgaon especially in Sikanderpur & Sector 14.

  1. ThinkBook & Thinkpad Repair
  2. Ideapad Repair & Service Centre
  3. Lenovo Yoga Laptop Upgrade with the latest technology
  4. Legion Laptop Repair & Services

Lenovo PC Customer Support & Care Center

.Connect with Suraj Computers for Lenovo laptop support & service at every time. our team of experts will avail 24*7 online support. As per the advice of the hardware industry you should take the service from authorizing Lenovo experts like us. Our tech team will support you in PC, laptop & Notebooks.

Buy a Lenovo laptop at a good price. Same day delivery. Best price and good configuration. Suraj Computers provide all laptops and computer accessories at a reasonable price. We are the authorized laptop service centre located in Gurgaon & Dwarka Delhi. Suraj Computers also provide the best service for Lenovo desktop computers also. For Lenovo hassle-free service pls call us.
Lenovo Thinkpad is a demanding model across the world. If your Lenovo laptop is out of warranty then Suraj Computers will help to resolve the issue quickly with original accessories.

  • Lenovo Laptop repair & authorized Service centre in Gurgaon
  • Lenovo Laptop Service Center in Dwarka Delhi

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Purchase Lenovo touch screen laptop at the best price in Gurgaon Sohna road. Suraj Computers also provides home service for all Lenovo’s brands of laptops and computers. Lenovo has one most powerful feature that makes this unique from other brands. His Motherboard is very powerful and doesn’t create many problems

Repair & Service Cost Of Lenovo Laptop & PC

The cost of repairing a laptop or PC depends on the problem that it is facing as if it is a hard disk problem or a screen problem or a keyboard problem, or an Adapter problem. Does the motherboard of the laptop die? We first do the problem of the laptop, diagnose, and then we explain its repair costs.

Diagnose Charge

It is free of cost to diagnose the fault and tell to customer

Lenovo laptop Warranty Check

Before repairing the laptop, you should check that it is under warranty and if it is under warranty, then you should repair it with warranty. If it is out of warranty then you can get a repair with the outside service centre.

Click here to check Lenovo warranty


Lenovo All-in-one PC Repair

Lenovo all-in-one computers have been very successful and they can be easily repaired also. The accessories on the PC are almost the same as a laptop. Suraj Computers repair all kinds of laptops, PC and All-In-One computers of Lenovo at home and at a service center in Gurgaon. If your computer screen is broken, you can call us and our engineers change the screen of your computer at home.

Lenovo G500S Laptop Charging Issue

We fix all type of hardware and software problems in Lenovo laptops at our service centre we can also fix these issues at your home so you can just give us a call and your laptop can be again renewed.

At first, we want you to take great care of any devices you have, but in case if there is a problem with your laptop it is not necessary that you have to take your laptop to the service center you can also fix some of the issues on your own at your home. Software problems are generally can be fixed at home but some of the hardware problems can also be fixed at home.

Lenovo Laptop Power DC Jack Repair

In Lenovo laptop facing the issue of charging. Sometimes charging is working but after 5-10 seconds, it’s stopped. Initially, we thought that it is a problem with the power DC jack. DC jack is used to connect the adapter with the motherboard to give the power. After replaced the power jack problem was the same. After a deep investigation, we found the problem in the motherboard power section. We have replaced the power IC in the motherboard after that it is working and charging is working.

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Lenovo Laptop Screen Repair / Replacement Cost

I have a Lenovo laptop, which screen has been broken on its own, I have not put anything on it and it has not had an accident, its display is broken by itself. Can this screen be replaced by a warranty? How much does it cost to have its screen replaced? Will you have the original laptop screen of the Lenovo ThinkPad?

Suraj Computers has all the original spare parts of Lenovo, if your screen is broken, then it will not be replaced in warranty and you will have to pay for the replacement.

Lenovo touch screen replacement cost

If you have a Lenovo laptop touch screen, then it costs a little more to change its display because the touch is also changed under which it is found. Touch Screen Replacement Cost – 6500 – 8000 Rs. It depends on the models no.

Lenovo all in one screen replacement cost

Lenovo Laptop G580 Keyboard Repair

Lenovo 580 laptop whose keyboard some keys having problems.  I thought that I would change the keyboard of my laptop by myself.  I ordered it from amazon.  But I am not able to change it.  Can you tell me a service center that can come to my house and change the keyboard of my laptop? What will be the cost of the Lenovo G580 laptop keyboard? In case I want to replace it only because I have already purchased the keyboard online.

Suraj Computers is the only one place in the Delhi NCR where you can purchase the new keyboard for all Lenovo models like G580 G585 V580 V585 Z580 Z585 etc. at a very reasonable price. Your technician will come to your home and will replace the hardware part.

Lenovo Laptop Adapter Repair

I am looking for a shop to get my Lenovo laptop charger repaired in Gurgaon, where I can get the charger repaired? Is there any Lenovo store near me? Suraj Computers first try to repair the old charger that you own, if it is not repaired, in such a case you will have to buy a new AC Poer Adapter with the same volt.

  • Lenovo Charger Repair
  • Fix the charger power cord
  • Change the Power Cable

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Lenovo Laptop Broken Hinges & Case Repair

Looking at YouTube, I was trying to change the screen of my laptop only when the laptop case was broken and his plastic is also broken, can you repair his plastic case and change the hinge also? Suraj can change the hinges of a Lenovo laptop and repair his broken body also. But our advice is that you do not try to change the laptop screen by yourself because it can break the display also.

What is the cost to fix Lenovo Laptop cracked body & Hinge?

If you have a Lenovo laptop, then it is very difficult to avoid laptop body & hinge breakdown. We have seen that this type of problem is coming in with a lot of Lenovo customers. Mostly this problem is coming with the laptops who had purchased after 2006. Earlier this problem was not coming. Lenovo Company is not doing anything to solve such kind of problem. If the laptop body breaks, its hinge breaks then there is a danger of breaking the display screen also. If the screen of your laptop breaks, then it is no longer useful. We have to throw it.

Lenovo IdeaPad 320 & 520 Hinge Change & Body Repair

The body of the my Lenovo notebook is broken and its hinge has been broken. I purchased this notebook before three months ago. Can you fix it?

Issue Cost in Rs.
Broken or Cracked Body Repair800
Hinge Repair & Replace1200
Ideapad 320 Hinge change + Body Repair1400

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Lenovo Laptop Repair
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Lenovo Laptop Repair
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We are the best Lenovo Laptop Repair & Service center in Gurgaon that provides home service. You can also repair the laptop and computers at a very reasonable price by the experts.

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