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Suraj Computers is the best HP laptop Repair & service center in Gurgaon & Delhi NCR. We are the best seller of HP laptop spare parts in Gurgaon. You can purchase the original spare parts from our store or call us we will provide you with free home delivery. We are the most trusted name in HP laptop repair and services in Gurgaon & Dwarka Delhi.

Why We Must Go For HP?

In India, HP is selling some of the paramount laptops across numerous sorts like gaming, business, premium, and all. Why you must look for this brand is all about the benefits HP provides you, this brand really comes up with the most striking designed laptops in the market. All the products of HP are designed in a professionally styled manner. Not only just the style and designs it also keeps up with the innovations, this brands with its innovative ideas also provide you props so that you can use sustainable materials.

No doubt HP provides a laptop for every kind of user, for those who like gaming laptops, for those who like to read books, for those who are business persons, HP is offering the best products here. The most favorable and reliable brand available here for Indians is no doubt HP. One can easily have this brand which is cheaper than the other brands and also comes with a higher configuration. This popular brand is also providing a one-year extended warranty on some of its important brands.

Customer Support & Service For HP Brands

Get accidental protection along with theft security cover and one-year antivirus support. HP has recently launched the 10th generation i3 laptop with a supersonic speed which comes with a touch screen, gaming, and standard laptops for sale. Students are being provided laptops by HP with complete insurance; if you are a student looking for a laptop then you can easily purchase this brand with a down payment. This brand has lots of service centers all over India and the laptops which are still in their warranty period can be checked in all the service centers. We would like to suggest you repair & service your HP Laptop with a highly qualified technician only.

Customer Support is one of the best and most favourable points of HP. HP provides both online & offline support for its customers. The top models of HP are – Pavilion, Chrome book, ENVY, Elite book, Probook, etc.

Suraj Computers is located at Sohna Road Gurgaon & Dwarka provide the HP laptop service post warranty.

HP Certified Repair Center

HP brand provides certified repair centers not only in India but across the globe. They have experienced and talented staff members with them who possess the required knowledge to diagnose and repair the HP notebook PC. To bring to your notice they only use HP certified parts while repairing the device. You can be well assured if you are giving your device to such experienced hands for repairing.

Get All HP Service Centers List Near Me

You can get technical support in multiple languages which will help you to get the exact problem and you will be able to fix most of the problems at your end.

Get Repair & Service For all HP Notebooks

The most favorable brand for Indians is HP and it is more reliable than other brands. You can find HP laptops cheaper than other brands with higher configuration. HP is providing a one-year Extended warranty on some important brands. It supports accidental protection, one-year Antivirus support, and theft security cover.

HP recently launched the 10th generation i3 laptop with supersonic speed and has a touchscreen, gaming, and standard laptops for sale.

It is providing a laptop for students with 100% insurance. Any student can purchase the HP laptop without any down payment. HP has lots of service centers all over India and the under warranty laptop can be checked in all service centers.

The best point of HP is powerful customer support. HP provides online & offline support. HP also provides technical support in multiple languages that will help you understand the exact problem and you can fix most of the problems at your end.

Where Should I Service My HP Notebook In Gurgaon?

Suraj Computers is located in Gurgaon Sohna Road ILD Mall here you can repair your HP laptops with highly experienced laptop technicians.

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HP Chromebook touchscreen laptop Repair & Service

HP Chromebook laptop repair at the very cheapest price. In this laptop, HP has given the touch screen display and can be purchased at 21000 Rs only from Flipkart. This laptop is designed for students so they can take their online classes and keep them away from the mobile phone. We can replace the touch screen display at a very reasonable price.

HP 20-r202in All-in-One Desktop PC Repair & Service

HP All in one desktop-class machine could not be repaired by any ordinary service center because it is a combination of Laptop & Desktop parts. No one does want to fix the issues in the HP All-in-One PC because the structure of the machine is critical and needs a very expert technician to repair this kind of machine. We are the expert to repair HP laptops and very handy to replace the Display, Change the Speaker, RAM, and Motherboard, etc.

HP All In One machine Display Screen Replace

The screen of my HP PC is broken and I want to replace it at a very reasonable price because I don’t want to spend money on this computer. I have to sell this machine and use is asking first to replace this screen. What is the cost of HP all in one desktop?

Which company screen is better because many service centers are giving me three options?

  1. AUO 2. INX & 3. LG.

Watch the Video to fix all in on desktop PC repair & service – Click here

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HP Pavalion DV6 Laptop Bluetooth is not working

I am trying to connect my HP laptop with my Samsung phone. The Bluetooth icon is coming in the right-hand side corner at the bottom of the laptop. I am not able to connect my laptop with my phone. One of my friends told me “that it is simple only you have to reinstall the Bluetooth drives to fix this problem”. But the problem did not resolve after re-installed the drivers also. What is the patch for this problem?

Suraj Computers has the ability to fix all kinds of laptop Bluetooth problems whether it is hardware related or software issues. Our technician will support you online and get resolved the software related issue. If the problem is hardware-related then we have to check the device and change the Bluetooth.

You can fix the issue by using this article also – Read the article and resolve from yourself

HP 240 G4 Laptop/ NoteBook Battery Issue Fixed

I have an HP G4 laptop which is 5 years old, it shows battery charging but the battery is not charging like I took out the charger and the laptop automatically went shut down. Do I have to change my laptop battery or can you repair it? When I removed the laptop charger, its battery was charged up to 90% but even after removing the charger, it all went switched off. What is the cost of the new battery? Where should I purchase the new HP laptop battery in Gurgaon?

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HP 15 R water spilled

This is the case when an HP 15 R laptop was dead because of spilled water. Our customer was working on the laptop and his son was playing with a ball near him. The ball hit the glass of water placed there and the glass fell on the laptop’s keyboard. The laptop’s motherboard had stopped working. The chip level technician checked all the parts of the motherboard but it was not responding. We needed to change the motherboard. We got the issue and successfully managed to fix it.

HP 15R Laptop motherboard dead due water spill

HP 15 R laptop was dead and was not switching on even after pressing the power button. The power adapter was working fine as I checked the charger with another laptop. Our team diagnosed the laptop’s motherboard and the power IC was fused. The technician replaced the power IC and checked again but at that time there wasn’t any screen display. We put the motherboard on the DC machine and found that it was taking double power as normal and the display cable was also not heating. We have replaced the DC power cable after the screen started to display. The issue had been solved now. This is a case study and users can read this thoroughly and fix such issues without a hit and trial method. 

HP Probook HP 450 Body & Hinges Cracked

The complete model of HP laptop 450 was physically damaged and the customer was asked to replace the body. Suraj Computers successfully replaced the body by checking the whole laptop thoroughly and we came to know that the hinges of the laptop were broken too because of the damaged body. So we fixed the laptop hinges carefully along with it.

HP laptop hinges repair

HP Pavilion 15 – AC Body & Hinges Cracked

The laptop’s LCD panel and hinges were broken and we were not able to close half part of the laptop. One side of the laptop was completely closed but the other part was not able to be closed. The customer had a few questions to ask like “What’s the issue with my laptop?” “Is the laptop screen OK?” “What is the cost of fixing the laptop hinges?”

Suraj Computers fixed those broken hinges within one hour span. After that, we repaired the cracked part of the LCD panel. Repairing and replacing is done according to the situation.

HP 2000 Display Screen Flickering

The wire which connects the laptop screen with the motherboard becomes loose or defective a few times. Faulty LVDS cable makes the screen flickering. To check this issue you will have to frequently open and close the screen. If the screen flickering still does not stop then we are damn sure that your display cable is faulty and you need to replace that.

HP-Laptop-Screen-Flickering -issue

HP Pavilion Laptop Home Service in Gurgaon

Suraj Computers provides the home service for HP laptop which is out of warranty. You absolutely do not need to worry about it because we do not charge any extra charges for the home service. You can book a technician with us according to what you require, for servicing your HP Notebook. Our technician will come and service your laptop within one hour. We assure you that Suraj Computers provides the most reliable service with affordable charges, whether you want to walk in the office or you want to get your device repaired at your home.

HP Laptop Home Service in Gurgaon

Do You Want HP Laptop Repair Service At Your Doorstep?

Fix Your HP laptop in Gurgaon

Suraj Computers is the best laptop repair & service center and if you avail our services you can make great savings and get the original HP accessories also. We also provide the 3 months of warranty after the problem gets resolved. We provide the HP service for home, business & gaming laptops.

HP service center in gurgaon sector 14

Suraj Computers also provide HP services in Gurgaon sector 14. We are located at the heart of gurgaon so we can reach any location in Gurgaon within half an hour.

HP laptop service centre near me

Suraj Computers is only one name in HP customers support and service all HP products. Our service center will provide you with all kinds of support and new accessories.

HP service centre near me

You Can buy new HP products like laptop, desktop, Server, all in one machine, Printer, Cartridge and ink & toners near me. We facilitate our important customers with their home location without any extra payment.

HP service center sikanderpur gurgaon

Suraj computers give the HP service near sikanderpur also. You can call us on message us our technician will reach near and provide the onsite support in very less time.

Buy New HP Laptops

You can directly buy the original HP laptop with a 10th generation core i5 processor. Buy HP Laptop w/ 10th Gen Intel Core i5 & Get Free Extended Warranty* on Your PC. Shop Now with us. Accidental Protection. Original Antivirus Installed for one-year validity. Theft Insurance. 3 Months Additional Warranty. Models: HP Pavilion x360 14, HP Gaming Pavilion – 15, OMEN by HP 15, HP Notebook – 15.

HP Pavilion X360 Convertible 13-u131tu Laptop Original Battery & Charger Replaced

Suraj Computers provide the original HP Laptop batteries & chargers at a very reasonable price in Gurgaon. Today we replaced the laptop battery and charger of the X360 laptop. This laptop is very good and competes with MacBook Air laptops.

S.NoHP Laptop AccessoriesPrice
1HP X360 Laptop Original Battery & Charger4800 Rs.
HP Pavilion X360 Laptop Repair & Service in Gurgaon

HP 15 AC Laptop WIFI Is not working

There could be two reasons why the laptop Wi-Fi is not working.

  1. Driver Installation & IP address configuration are not done
  2. The WIFI antenna wire is cut

One of the reasons is that its WIFI drivers are not installed or the problem is in its hardware. If the drivers are not installed then you can try to reinstall them again if installing the driver does not work. Even after Wi-Fi is not running, check your antenna of WIFI and the wire also. If the antenna wire is cut, you will have to re-connect its wire again. After connecting the wire, its WiFi will start running and the problem that was happening with the WiFi will also be fixed.

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What is cost of fixing laptop screen flickering issue?

Laptop Screen flicker due to defective display cable and after replacing this wire most the flickering issue resolved. The cost of this cable is 1500 Rs. including replacement cost.

Where is the authorized HP Laptop Service Center in Gurgaon?

ILD Mall Sohna Road – Suraj Computer is the authorized HP Laptop Service Center in Gurgaon.

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