How to Repair Not Working Laptop Touchpad?

While working found your laptop touchpad not working then don’t worry, that is not something hard to fix at all. The touchpad is a very old feature, which has now replaced a “pointing arrow” as a standardized alternative to mouse control on laptops. But what happens if your touchpad is not working while you are in complete action, and if you are not someone who keeps an alternate mouse handy, then you can get into big trouble. But do not think of yourself as ready to use windows with your keyboard only. Here we will suggest you some useful tips to fix a not working touchpad which we hope will help you completely.

  • Restart Your Laptop

You can also simply try to restart your laptop and it may start working again on its own. This proves to be a very useful method sometimes for small glitches.

  • Time to Update

A wrong touchpad for your model can also be the reason of its not working. Here you may try to update your touchpad driver. You can try and see if this method helps you out with your issue. Without going deep into the manual you can simply use DRIVE EASY, as it will help you find the right touchpad driver for your model and you won’t have to be worried about if you download the wrong driver again.

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  • Get Your Repair Manual

Manuals are guides provided by the companies or licensed service agents.  It includes step by step guidelines and also one can assess useful information about the product from here. You can also find these manuals online in a pdf form. Find out one same as your model and try to look for any detail which may help you understand the issue.

  • Enable the Touchpad

Sometimes we by mistake disable the touchpad without noticing it. If that is the case then you will find a small square logo at the top left corner of your laptop touchpad and if you can see it then you just need to double-tap to enable your touchpad again and the problem will be solved.

  • Check the BIOS

If you still found your touchpad not working then there are chances that the touchpad has been disabled in the motherboard BIOS for some reason. To check it, if this is the case you need to enter the BIOS by pressing the DELETE or F2 key again and again. But as there are different models around so you might need to click on different key buttons to work this out. Once you are done with it, save the changes and exit.

  • Unplug External Mice

Here we are introducing you with another simple trick where you just need to unplug the USB mice if you have connected one. Disconnect the Bluetooth mice also if you have been using it. Sometimes what happens is our laptop automatically disables the touchpad when it comes in contact with an external mouse.

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  • Change Your Settings

One more basic move is to check the settings in your windows if there is some issue, in case. Click on SETTINGS, find DEVICES, and then click on Touchpad. You need to check that touchpad is enabled.

  • Disable Tablet Service

Windows 10 comes with a special service that we know as Tablet PC input service. This also controls the touch function. There is a little chance of it involving your touchpad issue. Click on SERVICES and scroll to the Tablet PC Input Service, right-click on it and then select the option STOP.

These steps should be able to solve your problem but if you are still facing problems with your touchpad then it is likely to have a hardware issue or maybe your touchpad is worn out now. You can get it repaired from Suraj Computers.

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