Printer Repair In Gurgaon Near Me, Dwarka & Delhi NCR

Suraj Computers is an affordable and reliable printer repair and service centre in Gurgaon & Dwarka. We repair all printer models use for home and office purposes.

Why Suraj Computers?

Are you facing any issue with your home or office printer? You are at the right place. Suraj Computers is around you to get fix any kind of issues for Inkjet and Laserjet printers. We repair the refurbished printer and provide the used printer and cartridge at very low prices.

Suraj Computers is the affordable printer repair and maintenance service centre in Delhi NCR, especially in Gurgaon and Dwarka. We repair all brands like HP, Samsung, Canon, Epson, Brother & Ricoh.

Printer Repair Home Service Near Me

Suraj Computers provides the free printer repair home service in Gurgaon near me, Dwarka & Delhi NCR. In this facility, we provide free pick-up and drop printers in the case if our technician does not resolve the problem at the client location and he feels that it needs to be taken to the service centre. In the COVID 19 pandemic, we have stated online support also because customers could not visit the shop and many societies did not allow to enter the premise.  For hassle-free computer support, you can believe in us because we are serving the customers from last 10 years. We cover all the areas of Delhi NCR, especially in Gurgaon & Dwarka.

For fastest printer repairing service, cleaning & maintenance you can call us and avail Suraj Computers services at a very reasonable price.

Printer Service Cost

Printer Name & ModelService Charge in Rs.
HP, Epson, Canon – Inkjet small printers300
HP, Samsung, Canon, Brother Ricoh – LaserJet Printers350
All Brands – Color LaserJet Printers 450
Note – Printer Repair & Service Price List – * based on the condition

The printer repair rate may vary based on the type of fault and make & models. What kind of part is going to replace? We are giving the basic list of printer service. In some cases, there could be a very small fault that can be repaired in normal service. In that case, you have no need to spend extra money.

Suraj Computers deals in below Printers for repair & services:

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HP Printer Repair & Service Center:

HP Printers are very reliable and affordable. In India mostly people purchase HP Printers because the maintenance cost is very less than other printers. HP Inkjet printers are most common in Delhi NCR. Suraj Computers provides help and support for all HP Printer models. We support online and offline so customers could not visit our service centre for any small problem. The two most common Problem in HP Printers are:

Printer is offline:

Sometimes the printer does not start and it shows offline, it may be happened due to a faulty power cable and the supply does not reach to the printer. In many cases problems due to switching the on/off button of the printer. Suraj Computers assist you and find the fault and fix it at the same time.

Printing Job Stuck in Queue:

Due to some hardware parts problem every print job stuck in a queue and print does not come.

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HP Laserjet Pro M128fn All-in-One Monochrome Printer Repair & Service

Suraj Computers provide the service and support for all HP printer models. Yesterday we received one call from Gurgaon sector 49 that was the printing company and their HP Laserjet printer was not working. It was not picking the paper from the tray. Our technician reaches the client location and diagnosed the fault by which it was not picking the paper. There was some issue in the gear of printer. We try to resolve most of the issues at home but in case we are not able to fix due to some parts do not available at the same time we give free pick-up and drop facility.

HP Laserjet Pro M128fn All-in-One
HP Laserjet Pro M128fn All-in-One

HP Laserjet Pro M126nw Multi-Function Printer Repair & Service

This printer is much better than other company printers in the same range. The speed and print quality are amazing of this printer. It is a multi-functional printer with scan, copy & printing. This printer has inbuilt WI-FI so you can directly connect at the distance also. We got the call from the customer who told me that the scanner is not working. Our technician opens the printer and checked the scanner. The scanner was OK but some dust was entered and settled on the head of the scanner. We had cleaned the head and after that scanner was working fine. In service only we fixed the issue.

HP Printer Customer Care | HP Online Support

Suraj Computers repair and install the printers post-warranty. We are one of the leading printer service provider in the IT industry with more than thousands satisfied customers. If your printer under warranty then you should directly contact HP Customer care or support assistant because it will be repaired at free of cost. You can directly talk with customer care number (18001084747) or visit on the HP authorized service centre at nearby your location.

Phone based customer care – 18001084747 (Time 9 AM – 7 PM)

Samsung Printer Repair & Service

Samsung Laserjet printers are in very much demands and give speedy prints. The quality of Samsung printers is very good. Suraj Computers provide the all original spare parts and cartridge for Samsung printers. If you are facing any issue with the Samsung printer then you can call us. Our technicians will support you and try to fix the issue first online. If the problem does not solve online then we will send a Samsung expert technician to the client location to get fix the issue.

Suraj Computers provide the service for Samsung printers at the service center and client locations.

Epson Printer Repair & Service

Call Suraj Computers if you are facing any kind of issue with your Epson printer. We will provide you with immediate help regarding the Epson printer & Cartridge Issue. Our online Epson help and support team will guide you on how to troubleshoot the fault in the Epson printer? Our technician will help you to fix otherwise will tell you whether you have to carry the printer at our Epson Printer service center or it could be resolved at the client location. If you also want to purchase an Epson printer call us we will tell you the important points.

Canon Printer Repair & Service

Canon Deals in Inkjet & Laserjet both printers. Suraj Computers is the no1 printer repair & service center in Delhi NCR that provides the best service with highly qualified technicians. We provide maintenance to all Canon printer models. If you are facing any issue with an inkjet printer then our engineer will come to your location and fix the Canon Printer Issue within one hour.

Brother Printer Repair & Service

Suraj Computers provide a fast and reliable Brother Printer Service at a very reasonable cost. We provide the brother printer service at your home and your office location so we can fix the issue in very little time. We have all the original spare parts of the brother printer so it will not take more time to arrange the original printer parts and get resolved the issue. Brother printer maintenance cost is higher than other printers but if you will take the service from Suraj Computers then you will not be realized that the printer repair cost is higher.

Our technicians are confident to fix any kind of issue in brother laserjet printers because they are highly experienced in brother printer repair and services. We mostly saw that printers are breakdown when we require the most but don’t worry about this kind of hurdles Suraj Computers is there and will support you out of the box.

Ricoh Printer Repair & Service

Get repair your Ricoh printer with No1 Printer repair service centre in Delhi NCR i.e Suraj Computers. We are the expert in the repair and service of all Ricoh laserjet printers. Suraj Computers takes the fixed charge to repair all kind printers so in future you will not have any doubt in your mind.

Suraj Computers are always proud of our highly skilled technicians. We don’t only proud of skills but they are honest. If are you taking the service of Suraj Computers then you don’t need to worry about your Item because your item is in safe hands.

Printer USB Cable Price

You can purchase the printer USB cable at our shop at the best prices and save the money. This cable can be used in the external hard drive, printer and photo camera also. This cable comes in 2 lengths one is 5 meters and 10 meters. We have the original printer USB cable and our technician will come and install the cable.

Cable NameRs.
High-Speed Internet Printer USB Cable (5 meters) + 480 Mbps250

Our Locations

There are many service centres found doing fraud in Gurgaon so don’t believe anyone. We are located in Shop No -IX-62 ILD Mall Sohna Road Gurgaon & Dwarka Sector 12 Metro Station. Customers can visit manually and check our presence.

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If you will ask us which printer will be good for my small office then we will suggest you purchase the hp laser printer because the quality of print awesome and the maintenance cost is very minimum.

Printer Repair in Gurgaon & Dwarka

We repair any kind of issue in the printer. The most common issues in printers are:

1. Paper jam error
2. Paper picking error
3. Died printer – No light and no print
4. Printing quality is not good

Initially, the basic requirement of the human was house food and cloth. But at the same time nowadays we can’t assume our life without technology such as printers, laptops, computers, etc. at this time if we came to know that our printer is not working we feel frustrating. Here we will discuss some common problems with the printers. The printer is the most helping hand in today’s world. We can make this smooth when we judge the problem of the printer. Let discuss the problem with their solutions

Paper Jam Error  

The biggest problem of any printer is paper jam


In this case, you will get an error, written as a paper jam. In that case, make sure all the papers are properly arranged in the trey. Because if they are not

Properly arranged they will create hurdles in your work too. The trey is designed for the particular number of sheets… So we can’t put more of that and if we can face the problem of paper jam… For the paper capacity of the printer, we should refer to the manual of the printer. In many cases, it can be 100 or on some tray, we can put a full bundle of A4 size sheet.


We should check that paper or media type setting on the printer menu matches the current print command.    In the Printers setting, we have so many settings for the paper type such as card stock, photo paper, or presentation paper.  If the paper is thicker then also it may a cause of the paper jam. So in that case only we must change our printer setting according to our requirement to the printer.

In the printer with the help of the roller printer take the paper from the trey.

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All these parts are also can be the reason of paper jams but after repeated use some time it need to be replaced.

Sometimes we see our system giving error that paper is jam but it’s not in that case When your printer says that there’s a paper jam, and there isn’t in that case you must call the mechanic.

Sometime if the number of papers is less that can be the reason for shredded paper junk which is lodged between gears that move your rear duplexer may leave your printer thinking there’s something lodged in the duplexer, not the gear. In that case, it must first examine the mechanical parts surrounding your ghost jam and make sure they operate cleanly.


Printer Driver Problems

Driver not found

In this case, we can’t say always hardware is not responsible. Sometimes software (printer driver) is not able to properly work between them.

Hardware isn’t always to blame. Sometimes they may be expired or not compatible with the operating system. In that case, the printer will not work with the basic command. It can happen when we didn’t download the appropriate software for the printer. 

In that case first we must Uninstalling the driver from the system then we must download or installed appropriate software. 

To get the support page for the printer (updated version), one must visit the support page of the manufacturer of the printer model, type, and model number must be given. After that, all the steps should be followed after downloading the software.

Laserjet | Inkjet | Passbook | HP | Samsung | Canon | Epson | Brother

Suraj computers provide the repairing services of all types of printers and have a team of specialized engineers of different- different companies printers like HP, Canon, Samsung & Epson printers, etc. If a user calls for the problem in the HP printer we will send only the HP printers specialized engineer who will give the online and offline support to the user.

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We should use the color printer when it is necessary because it is very costly than black & white ink Printer is used to print the electronic data into the physical media like paper or any transparency film.

Mostly printer is locally installed near the personal computer and connected with the network cable. But in the market wireless printers have come and this type of printer is very demanded now a day’s. The company has launched its first wireless printer in India in 2008.

HP LaserJet 1020 Printer Repair

It has developed a tool “Scan Doctor” by which you can resolve most of the basic problems in your HP printers. But some problems don’t resolve by the tool automatically, In this case, we have to call a technician for support.

I was facing the problem of my HP 1020 printer problem. I was trying to install the printer on my laptop but it was throwing the error and did not install after many attempts. With the help of a technician, diagnosed the printer and found the problem in a chip that is called “Issue Card” in computer language. Repaired the chip and now the printer has installed in my HP notebook.

HP 1005 Printer Repair & Service

Today we received HP 1005 printer on our Gurgaon office. In this printer scanner error, 20 was coming and it was not printing. Usually, this problem comes for two reasons:

  1. Faulty Cable
  2. Motor problem

First, we check the cable and replace the cable most of the time after replaced the scanner cable issue will be resolved. If the issue does not resolve than we have to check the printer motor. We will do the service of the motor and after service the motor, the printer will work.

HP 1005 Printer Repair & Service

Repair & Service Inkjet Printer

HP Laserjet Printer service center

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