HP Printer Repair & Service Center Near Me In Gurgaon & Dwarka Delhi NCR

Suraj Computers is the best and top HP printer repair service centre near me in Gurgaon & Dwarka Delhi NCR that repairs all the printers of HP whether it is inkjet printer to LaserJet printer. If there is any problem with your HP printer, you can show us at our service centre or call us our engineer repairs it at your house also.  

HP Multifunctional LaserJet Pro M1136 Printer Repair & Services

M1136 is the most affordable HP printer for daily use work. Why it is affordable (14749 Rs.) because it gives 1500-1600 pages after refilled the toner. It is easy to use and environmentally suitable for less use of electricity. The most common issue in this printer is the scanner problem. To reduce the maintenance cost of the printer, you should keep away the printer from a dusty environment. Do the service of your printer every six months to increase the performance.

HP 1020 Plus Printer Repair & services

Paper Jam error is coming in my HP 1020 plus printer, can you fix the paper jam problem and how much time will it take to resolve the paper jam issue? The orange light is blinking in the HP printer so that the prints are not coming out. Is it the printer’s hardware problem or the software’s problem?

HP M1005 Multifunctional Printer Repair

The printer is not working even though the command of print in my HP M1005 printer is not working and pages are not getting out of it.

HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2135 All-in-One Printer Repair & Services

When I scan the document with my 2135 printer, it gives me an “unknown error”. HP’s All in One Printers have a lot of problems, such as a scanner’s problem if your printer has a print stuck in a queue or shows it offline, then we will have to repair it. We have a very good HP printer technician who repairs your HP’s All in One printer very well. If there is any problem with your HP printer, then get it repaired by a qualified technician.

HP Smart Tank 530 Wireless all-in-one Printer Carriage & Paper Jam Error

Today we came to have an HP 530 printer of 500 series for repair in which there was a carriage jam problem, then we tell you what the reason was and how to fix it, if it gets done then it costs less. If it is not well, then we have to replace it. Sometimes it resolves only after switching off the printer and turning it on again after 60 seconds. If the paper is jammed in the printer, in such a condition, we have to remove the jammed paper first and then restart it.

Why Printer Carriage Goes jammed ?

Sometimes a pen pencil or other object falls in the printer, which causes the saying that carriage gets jammed.

HP smart tank 515 cartridge error?

In the series of 500 and 600 printers of HP, the cartridge missing error very much comes. Sometimes we put the carriage very wrongly, due to which the missing cartridge errors come in the printer. This problem resolves if the printer cartridge is repaired and installed properly.

HP Ink Tank 319 & 419 Printer Repair & Head Cleaning

HP Ink Tank Printer Always Has Head Key issue as printer head gets jammed and does not pick Up Ink. We do the printer head cleaning first and after cleaning, most of the printer starts working, but if it does not work, then we have to change the HEAD.

How to fix Paper or Carriage Jam & Paper Pickup (E4) Error in HP 419 Ink Tank Wireless Printer?

Head Cleaning For Below HP Printers
S.NOPrinter name & Models
1HP Inkjet 310 Printer
2HP Inkjet 315 Printer
3HP Inkjet 415 Printer
4HP Inkjet 319 Printer
5HP Inkjet 419 Printer

Fixed – Small Size Page Printing & Blank Print Problems in HP Ink wireless 419 All in One Printer

Paper Jam’ Error in HP Deskjet 1050 All in one printer (J410a)

It is common in all printers that they run fine for some time after that it starts giving paper jam & pickup messages. There are many common issues in the 1050 printer like “Printer is not printing”, “Cartridge Error” etc. If you want the parts of this printer, then you tell us, we will deliver all its accessories to you. In this printer 802 black and color, Ink cartridges are used.

Why HP 1050 printer is not Turing on?

From today morning my printer is not switching on and I am not able to print. What could be the issue? Is it due to a faulty printer power cable? I checked the power cable it is working fine but no display on the screen.

HP Ink & Laserjet Printer Repair in Gurgaon Near Me

Find the best printer service center where you can get your HP printer repaired in Gurgaon and nearby areas. You will not find any service center better than Suraj Computer in Gurugram because we have the trained HP printer technicians that have good knowledge about printer repairs and cartridge refilling for all HP models.

Regular Service of your HP Printer

You should keep regular service of your printer so that if there is dust in it then it will be cleaned otherwise the printer will create a problem for you later.

Fix HP Laserjet MFP M126 NW Printer Paper Jam & Picking Issues| Gurgaon | Dwarka | Delhi

HP Printer Repair & Service Center Near Me

If your printer is out of warranty and you want to get original parts in it, then you should come to  Suraj Computers because we have HP Printer & cartridge original parts, we repair all types of HP printers and provide one month warranty for the same fault.


Can HP Printers be repaired in Gurgaon & Delhi NCR ?

Some people ask us if HP’s printers can be repaired, do we tell them that most of HP’s printers get repaired but are some max 10% that are not repaired by all service centres.

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Is it worthy to repair the HP ink & LaserJet printers?

Most printers have small problems such as paper jams & picking errors and other respective problems, so we can get them fixed and it doesn’t cost much to fix such a problem.

Should we use HP’s ink printer daily?

Yes, we should use HP’s inkjet printers in two-three days because if we do not use them, then its cartridge will dry up so that its cartridge will have to be changed again and most of it is needed high cost.


Do You Provide Home Service For HP Printers?

Suraj Computers provide the best printer repair home service inside Gurgaon & Delhi NCR. If your printer is damaged, you can call us. Our technician will come to your house/office and check that printer and diagnose the fault and repair it. We try first to get your printer repaired online, if there is no online repair, then our technician will come to your place and fix it.

HP Printer Repair at Home

We provide the HP printer repair at home without any extra charge in the time time of COVID-19.

HP Printer Home Service Near Me

If you are looking for an HP printer service in your vicinity, then you will not find any good HP Printer service centre from Suraj Computers. We are located in Gurgaon Sohna Road & Dwarka sector 12.

HP Printer Service Cost

If your printer is new then its service charge is less because all its spare parts may available easily. If your printer is old and its parts are not getting, then it costs more. Most HP’s printers are serviced within ₹ 300 to ₹ 400, if you have any problem with your HP printer, you should not give more than the mentioned amount. Call us, our technician will come to your home and repair or service your printer at your location.

Printer Service and Maintenance by Suraj Computers

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HP Printer Service Center & Customer Support Number

Customer’s determination is necessary for us if the customer is satisfied then only our service will be benefited. Suraj Computer never thinks about how much money he has made, he sees whether our customer is satisfied or not.

HP Printer Power supply repair & Power Cord Repair

If your HP printer cable is damaged, then it can delay your work even more than the control on the second day. We can fix the issues in the printer cord as well. If you want to buy the new printer cable then you can buy it from our service centre.

HP Printer Repair In Gurgaon

How to Fix HP Laserjet P1007,1008,1106,1108 Printers | Red Light Blinking | Paper Jam & Pickup Error

Fixed paper jam and paper pickup error in all common HP laserjet printer models in Gurgaon & Delhi NCR. Call for any kind of support or help regarding the printer issue.

Samsung Printer Repair in Gurgaon & Dwarka Delhi

Samsung scx-4521f Printer Repair & service with highly experienced engineers. Very few printer service centre repair Samsung printers. If you find a Samsung Printer service centre that has to be resolved from a printing problem, then you will get it at ILD Mall Sohna Road in Gurgaon.

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