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Affordable and Reliable Printer Repair and Service Centre in Dwarka Delhi

Printer Repair & Service:

Suraj Computers is an affordable and reliable printer repair and service centre. We repair all printer models use for home and office purpose. If you will ask us which printer will be good for my small office than we will suggest you to purchase the hp laser printer because the quality of print awesome and maintenance cost is very minimum.

We repair any kind of issue in printer. The most common issues in printers are:

1. Paper jam error
2. Paper picking error
3. Died printer – No light and no print
4. Printing quality is not good


Laserjet | Inkjet | Passbook | Printer repair and service centre

Suraj computers provides the repairing services of all type of printers and have the team of specialized engineers of different- different companies printer like HP , Cannon , Samsung & Epson printers etc. If a user calls for the problem in HP printer we will send only the HP printers specialized engineer who will give the online and offline support to the user.


We should use the color printer when it is necessary because it is very costly than black & white ink Printer is used to print the electronic datain to the physical media like as paper or any transparency film. Mostly printer is locally installed near the personal computer and connected with the network cable. But in market wireless printers have come and this type of printer is very demanded now a day’s. HP printer has launched its first wireless printer in India in 2008.

Hp printer Service Centre provides the all type services related to the wifi printer in printer we see the maximum paper jam problem & driver installation and etc. Printers can print the documents stored in the Hard disk, Pen drive and through the scanner.

We also provide the services in laptop, cartridge, computer amc, networking of computer, data recovery, hp laptop services, samsung, acer, Lenovo in janakpuri and Vikaspuri.
There are many types of printers in the market:
1. Tonner Based printer
2. Liquid Inkjet Printer
3. Solid ink Printer
4. Dot Matrix Printer

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Laser jet printers Service centre in Delhi:

We provide the repair service of the laser printer and the refilling the cartridge of this printer. It is very robust printer and used for printout when the maximum numbers of printout is needed. This printer is very user friendly and easy in the use. The functionality of this printer is very easy and this available in all in one functionality means photocopy and scanner and fax all are available in single printer

HP Laser Printer:

We provide the service of the HP laser printer & refilling the cartridge of the HP printer. We have the special team for all type of HP printers like the HP Laser jet 1007 and other famous models of HP. In printers we faced multiple problems like printer is not warming, paper jam error, we have given printout but prints are not coming. This could be happened by multiple reasons like software is not updating properly. HP printers are very user friendly and easy to use.

Samsung Printers Repair and services:

We provide the service of the Samsung printers. We have the well experienced team of the Samsung printer’s engineers all have the lots of experience the printer repair technology. In Samsung printer mostly user faced the issue of the fusion it very common issue in the Samsung printers. We have the engineers which have the good knowledge of the Samsung printer fusion repair and services.

Canon Printers:

we provide the service of the canon printers’ also. if user have any issue in canon printer they can call us on 8826073373 or can come on our repair & service centre dwarka sec-12 near metro station.

Ink jet Printers:

Mostly Ink jet printers are used for the colour printout, if a company wants to more colour printout. Inkjet printer is very useful in home use because it is very cheaper than laser printer. Now a day’s mostly school give the homework from the internet and mostly parent purchase the inkjet printers for our children’s.

We provide the service for the Epson inkjet printer also.

Mechanical problems and solutions in HP Printer:

If the printer is not picking the paper that could be the reason of the mechanical of the printer is not working properly. Mechanical is part of the printer used for picking the paper when command has given. Mechanical is hardware inside the printer and could be removed easily from the printer for the repair or replacement.
Mechanical have the different components like sensor, gear, rod, roller which is used to sense the command after taking the command from the printer roller works start and it start to rollout and motor is used to roll and gear is used to pick the paper and maintain the speed of roller.
we cannot live without printer or we cannot throughout if the printer is not performing well we cannot nuke printer if there are some small problems there. We can resolve the problems using some specified instruction and use the printer in an easy way. Printer is the basic need in now days because in every school teachers give the home work from the internet and children take the print out of all work given on the internet.We prerequisite our printers, despite their annoying quirks. Here's a healthier idea: Take a deep breath, channel your internal tech provision rep, and repair that which has unsuccessful you

We are giving some basic problems and the resolution in printers:

Printer is working very Slow:

When I give the command on printer the printout comes very slowly and took near about the two minutes in a single printout. We can exceed the speed to printer by using these below steps:
We can reduce the print quality and reduce the uses of the Ink; if we don’t need high quality printout means better shining in printout we can reduce the quality of printout. However the setting of the printer vary according to the model of the printer but we are giving some basic setting which will be helpful to reduce quality of the print out.
Click on the windows button on the left hand side
After that select Devices & printer than right click on the printer there will be shown some option select properties in them.
Click on the color management tab as given in the above screen shot after selecting the color management you can change the settings of the color if you are getting some confusion in setting the color you can take the help after clicking on the Understand the color management setting.

Printer is working very Slow:

My printer is using the more ink and it giving the 20-30 pages on the riffling of the cartridge. How will I resolved this problem kindly suggest on same. Is there any settings in the printer by we can tenacity the problem? This could be reason of the leakage of the cartridge or tonner if the tonner is leakage than it could be reason of consuming the inkvery high so we need to check with specified engineer of the cartridge and change the tonner or cartridge immediately.

Printer is not picking the paper:

Question: I have HP inkjet printer, I have given the command of printout but my printer is not picking the paper and I am not able to taking the printout it is very urgent for me to taking the printout can anybody help on this?
Answer: If you have given the command for the print and you checked that your system has send the command to the printer and the printer is not giving the printout or printer is not picking the paper than that could the problem of the carriage of the printer. Carriage fits inside the printer and works for picking the paper from the paper tray. If carriage can be easily changed or repair by our experienced team. We have received the call from the customer that his/her printer is not picking the paper when they give the command for printout in HP printer. Please call US on: 8826073373 or contact us in our office Dwarka Sector -12.

Paper Jam problem in printer:

Question: I have the inkjet printer, I have given the command of printout but my printer is showing me the paper jam error. What is the issue here I have faced the same problem some time back but after some time I have tried again and checked that the printout is coming fine, but now again I am getting the same error. Could anyone help in the same?

Fixing a printer paper jam

Answer: Paper jam is the basic issue in the printer now days, this problem could be fixing by using the following important tips and tricks. When working with any printer it's expected that you will encounter a paper jam. Below are the steps you shall want to follow when this occurs. First we need to physically eradicate paper pull on the paper with both hands. We should be very careful to pull the paper from the printer and checked that the paper should not be slit while we are dragging it. If you are not able to get out the paper you should rotate the gears manually that could be helped to get out the paper.
We need to turn off the printer
Check that the paper is still inside the printer if it is there remove it manually.
Remove all paper from the tray and page that may be trapped between the tray and printer. If paper is visible you can remove it.
To physicallyeradicate paper pull on the paper with both hands being careful not to slit the paper while dragging it.
If you are not able to get to an edge of the paper that allows you to pull it you may need to manually rotate the gears that feed the paper through the printer.
1. Turn off the printer.
2. Review the position or tray the printed paper expels to. If the jammedpaper is evidentphysicallyeradicate it.
3. Remove all paper trays and any paper that may be trapped between the tray and the printer. If the jammed paper is evident physically eradicate it.
4. Open the printer gate that permits you entrée to the printer ink cartridges or toner and look for any jammed paper. If the jammed paper is evident physically eradicate it.
5. Turn on the printer again. If you endure to collect a printer jam fault try repeating the above phases again. If matter still persists and you see no paper that is jammed in the printer it's likely your printer is undergoingadditional hardware issues and we recommendcommunicating the printer manufacturer for supplementary assistance or repair.

If Printer carriage has jammed than the cartridge in inkjet printer cannot move and cannot sense the cartridge. Suraj Computers in Dwarka sector-12 provides the solution of the Carriage Jam in inkjet printer after repair the carriage after that cartridge will move and sense the command also. Carriage has the important role in inkjet printers because the cartridge move on the carriage only and sensor fitted inside the carriage check the availability of cartridge. We have the scrape of all type of printers like HP printer, Cannon Printers, Samsung printers which can be used to replace the carriage from the scrape of original printers.

How to prevent a printer paper jam Problem

As statedprevious it is unavoidable that you will encounter at least one paper jam throughout the life of your printer. However, if you're meetingrecurrent paper jams following the below steps can help prevent paper jams from happening.
1. If your printer has a paper tray do not seal the tray to volume. If you are meeting recurrent paper jams, decrease the quantity of paper you residence in the tray every time it is occupied.
2. Make certain you or the tray serving the paper into the printer is allied properly and the slider used to clamp the paper in place in the tray is comfortable with the paper. Many printers have sliders that permitdiverse types and sizes of paper to be served into the printer. If the slider is not properly situated it can reason paper jams.
3. Use ordinary office paper; pleated paper, paper with tags, and sphere paper such as solid guaranteed paper can often cause paper jams. If you're indeterminate with what paper you should use with your printer your printer documentation will list the paper well-suited with your printer.
4. Do not mix the paper you're nourishing into the printer at one time. If you need to change the paper or size of paper being used detached any other paper currently in the printer before introducing the new paper.
5. If your printer uses anaperture or platter for the paper make indisputable to not push the paper too far into the aperture or tray.
6. Examine the printer for any previous stuck paper in the printer. Preceding paper jams, undecided paper, printing tags or other distant objects in the printer can cause reoccurring printer jams.

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